DSC07933.jpgKerry Guinan: Presenting the Cultural Quarter, 2017

Upcoming 2018:
16th – 26th Aug | In passing | Evelyn Broderick
30th Aug – 8th Sept | Katie O’Neill
13th – 23rd Sept | Obedient City | Michelle Doyle
4th – 14th Oct | Sample Studios Members’ Show
8th – 18th Nov | Locale #2 – A4 Members’ Show 2018
29th Nov – 9th Dec |A4 DIT Graduate Award Exhibition 2018 | Barbora Palcikova

Fun-erable | Sarah Devereux
In passing | Evelyn Broderick

Locale #1 – A4 Members Show 2017
Pearl | Monika Bogyos
Drawing for Dsypraxia | Illustrators Ireland Group Show (hosts)
Presenting the Cultural Quarter | Kerry Guinan
Dr. Nadia Kelbova | Justyna Kielbowicz
A4 Sounds’ Secret Sonic Cinémathèque: Bealtaine Edition
The Recovery | Emily McGardle
Resurrecting Monuments To Moral Degradation | Camilla Hanney

Talking In Circles: Community voices discuss equality issues at the heart (and art) of society in Ireland
Hackfest Alternative Animation Festival (hosts)
Culture Night 2016

The Unofficial Parade | Triangular Brush & A4 Sounds
Hackfest Alternative Animation Festival (hosts)
Culture Night 2015
A4 Art 4 Refugees

100 Portraits of Varying Degrees of Success | Matt Hedigan
Dublin Mini Maker Faire
Citizens’ Exhibition
The Northsiders’ Project
A4 Sounds has Animal Magnetism

A4 Sounds has Animal Magnetism
A4 Sounds is 1337!
Yarn Bombing at Earwig! Festival
A4 Sounds is Super Superstitious

Drawing Connections
-the little things-

A4 Corp is a Shop!
In Pursuit of Amusement
Arty Party
Koala Expo

Culture Night 2009
A4 Sounds is a Wind-Up!
Oh! Francis! Oh! Fringe!
Oh! Francis!
A Gigstallation

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