DSC07933.jpgKerry Guinan: Presenting the Cultural Quarter, 2017


29th Nov – 9th Dec |Dream | Barbora Palcikova
31st Jan – 10th Feb | Sample Studios Members’ Show


2018 | A4 Curated Exhibitions
8th – 18th Nov | Locale #2 – A4 Members’ Show 2018
Obedient City | Michelle Doyle
Hymn of The Dawn | Katie O’Neill
In passing | Evelyn Broderick
Fun-erable | Sarah Devereux


2018 | A4 Member Exhibitions
Lit Ladies #2 | Kate Hynes
5th Hackfest Alternative Animation Festival | Gareth Lyons
Body|Battleground | River Champion


2017 | A4 Curated Exhibitions
Locale #1 | A4 Members’ Show
Pearl | Monika Bogyos
Presenting the Cultural Quarter | Kerry Guinan
Dr. Nadia Kelbova | Justyna Kielbowicz

Culture Night
A4 Sounds’ Secret Sonic Cinémathèque: Bealtaine Edition
The Recovery | Emily McGardle

Resurrecting Monuments To Moral Degradation | Camilla Hanney


2017 | A4 Member Exhibitions
Drawing for Dsypraxia | Illustrators Ireland
4th Hackfest Alternative Animation Festival | Gareth Lyons


2016 | A4 Curated Exhibitions
Talking In Circles: Community voices discuss equality issues at the heart (and art) of society in Ireland
3rd Hackfest Alternative Animation Festival (hosts)
Culture Night


2015 | A4 Curated Exhibitions
The Unofficial Parade | Triangular Brush & A4 Sounds
2nd Hackfest Alternative Animation Festival (hosts)
Culture Night
A4 Art 4 Refugees


2013 | A4 Curated Exhibitions
100 Portraits of Varying Degrees of Success | Matt Hedigan
Dublin Mini Maker Faire
Citizens’ Exhibition
The Northsiders’ Project
A4 Sounds has Animal Magnetism


2012 | A4 Curated Exhibitions
A4 Sounds has Animal Magnetism
A4 Sounds is 1337!
Yarn Bombing at Earwig! Festival
A4 Sounds is Super Superstitious


2011| A4 Curated Exhibitions
Drawing Connections
-the little things-


2010 | A4 Curated Exhibitions
A4 Corp is a Shop!
In Pursuit of Amusement
Arty Party
Koala Expo


2009 | A4 Curated Exhibitions
Culture Night
A4 Sounds is a Wind-Up!
Oh! Francis! Oh! Fringe!
Oh! Francis!
A Gigstallation





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