Talks & Discussions

The Recovery, Launch Night & Discussion, 2017


We Only Want the Earth Launch Series Talks
We Only Want the Earth Artist Talks: Mija & Áine O’Hara


Interference | Frank Prendergast
Obedient City | Artist Talk & Exhibition Tour | Michelle Doyle
Hymn of the Dawn | Artist Talk & Exhibition Tour | Katie O’Neill
In Passing – Mark Making Workshop | Evelyn Broderick
The Glass Society of Ireland Presents: Ursula Halpin
Obedient City | Michelle Doyle
Fun-erable – Artist Talk & Exhibition Tour | Sarah Devereux
Five Cats Taped Together | Helen Flanagan
Surviving Dublin – Screening & Q&A | Megan Woods

Artist Talk | Kate O’Shea
Pearl – Artist Talk & Exhibition Tour | Monika Bogyos
Artist Talk | Lieselle McMahon
Duct Tape & Dreams | Eimhin McNamara
MIND FIZZ – Drawing on inspiration| Eoin Whelehan
Presenting The Cultural Quarter | Q&A with the Artist | Kerry Guinan
Artist Talk | Kate McElroy
Dr. Nadia Kelbova | Justyna Kielbowicz
A4 Artist talk | Kerry Guinan
Making It | Evelyn Broderick
The Recovery | Emily Mc Gardle, Lois Kapila, Tom Maher, Dave Lordan, Jessamyn Fairfield
Resurrecting Monuments to Moral Degradation | Camilla Hanney

Saying The Unspeakable | Deirdre Ronan
Borderland | Paul Webster & Conor Maguire
Readings | Tom Lawton
Critical & Participatory Design | Robby Collins
Talking in Circles: Community voices discuss equality issues at the heart (and art) of society in Ireland

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