In passing | Evelyn Broderick

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In passing | Evelyn Broderick
16th – 26th Aug | A4 Sounds Gallery


9smlIn passing prints, Evelyn Broderick, Aug 2018. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien


In passing

‘the head and the hand are not simply separated intellectually but socially’

Richard Sennet writes about craftsmanship and all kinds of makers. In his book The Craftsman, he uses the phrase ‘making is thinking’. Charmed by the idea of ‘making’, Evelyn Broderick uses socially engaged structures to shackle and bind drawing, printmaking, and sculpture together, to delve into the experiences of using your head, hand and body.

Evelyn’s work explores this social need and desire to make using our hands, and how, now more than ever, it is imperative to our understanding of our surroundings and ourselves. The daily use of electronic devices has slowly disconnected our touch to raw materials and the concept of making has become more of a fitting hobby than an everyday practical need. Society has always had a strong focus on work life but the demands in labour have changed, once physically exhausting, now emotionally draining. Evelyn worries about the attitudes of our limitless abilities that we seem to have created. It is now that we need to reconnect with the touch of making as a way to fully connect to a present and more fulfilled society.

In passing is a new series of work about making. A gentle nod to the game chess, Evelyn uses the pawn as a recurring motif where here it is dismantled into three structures. The title stems from a strange move in chess ‘en passant’, a special pawn capture. She uses materials both man made and natural to highlight the maker, rushes used to make useful objects and copper used in trade. The woodblock prints acknowledge the tactile experience of making a mark.

7smlIn passing structure, Evelyn Broderick, Aug 2018. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien


About Evelyn

Evelyn Broderick is an installation artist currently based in Stockholm. Evelyn received an MA (First Class Hons) in Fine Art from Liverpool John Moores University, founded an artist and art education cooperative (Quad Collective CIC) and worked closely with Turner Prize 2015 winners, ASSEMBLE, at Granby Workshop, Toxteth. Evelyn also led workshops on behalf of Tate Liverpool (Liverpool, UK), Walker Art Gallery (Liverpool, UK) and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid, Spain). Broderick spent 2017  participating in residencies across the UK and Ireland.

3smlIn passing prints, Evelyn Broderick, Aug 2018. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien


Further information:

Website: www.evelynbroderick.com
Email: Evelyn.broderick@gmail.com
Instagram: @evelynbroderick_artist


11smlIn passing structure, Evelyn Broderick, Aug 2018. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien


Art Team
Artist: Evelyn Broderick
Curators: Lisa Crowne  & Andrew Edgar
Installation: Lisa Crowne, Andrew Edgar, Donal Holland, Frank Prendergast
Exhibition Documentation: Kate-Bowe O’Brien
Opening Night Documentation: Clare Blackwell
Transport: Joe Broderick

Art Documentation
Kate-Bowe O’Brien
Email: kateboweobrien@gmail.com
Phone: 0868844617
Website: www.boweobrienphotography.ie

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