Mother May I? is a new body of work that attempts to consolidate the parts that make us whole. The first phase is a meditation on motherhood, ancestral work and mother earth. Mother May I? is a glimpse into a threshold suspended between time and space. As the entity descends into their human form, they’re shown a glimpse of what’s to come. Za’ar rituals influence a lot of this piece, tying the ancient practice of Sudanese Woman as an integral part of the collective memory, highlighting how important ritual is for preserving our identity and the collective memory. 

Furthemore conversation and social collaboration stand at the heart of this piece. Interviews conducted with sudanese artists, artists, healers. Weave themselves into the heart of what this piece is about – conversation and collaboration that will allow for reconciliation of the parts of us we neglect as we pass through trials and tribulations of a country doused in the blood of martyrs and corruption. What does it mean to be Sudanese? How can we begin to build for the future we want without the ideals enforced on us?


Rima is a community organizer, poet and a budding DJ. Their practice is centered around event planning as a tool for community healing and resistance. As well as playlist curation and podcasting, Rima is attempting to revive the lost art of mixtape making, bringing back sonic extensions of our mindset and emotions. 

A visual activist Rima is interested in telling their own narratives through whatever medium is most available to them. By harnessing these experiences of the creative field, academia and, their life and varied creative pursuits they seek to share a sense of semblance to discern truth in the rubble.

Within the We OnlyWant The Earth programme they are attempting to create visual and material culture influenced by the future.


Dates & Times
Thursday 17th: 2pm – 7:30pm
Friday 18th: 2pm – 7:30pm
Saturday 19th: 12pm – 6pm
Sunday 20th: 1pm – 6pm

17th – 28th February

Dates & Times
17th – 28th: 2pm – 7pm

19th February

Artist Talk
Saturday 19th: 6pm – 7pm

Exhibition Credits

Rima Hamid

Seo | Soundscape
Rima’s Mum | Acting

Rima would like to extend their thanks and gratitude to the folks who allowed them to hold conversation with them:

Lema, Islam Al Beiti, Nada, Rula Osman, Rotation, O’D, TooDope, Afrodiziac, Rawag, Warda, Ola, Ahmed, Awad.

Exhibition Discussion
with Atheer

A4 Curatorial Team
Evelyn Broderick
Lisa Crowne
Andrew Edgar
Dónal Holland

Residency Team
Fire Station Artists Studios
Helen Carey

Migrants and Ethnic-minorities for Reproductive Justice (MERJ)
Yurika Higashikawa
Nicole Lam

Consulting Artist
Fiona Woods

Production Team
Lisa Crowne | Installation
Andrew Edgar | Installation
Lisa Barry | Costume & Makeup
Alec Moore | Filming & Editing
Mark Sebata | Editing
Semi | Sound Recording
The Yard Florist | Props & Set
Aideen Farrell | Installation
Vivienne Molloy | Installation

We Only Want the Earth is kindly supported by The Arts Council of Ireland’s Art Grant Funding 2020-2022.

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We Only Want the Earth is intended as a broad conversation about the goals and strategies of social change: what kind of society do we want and how should we get there? You can find out more information about our programme here.

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