Rima Hamid

Rima Hamid

Rima is a community organiser, poet and budding DJ from Sudan. Their practice is centred around event planning as a tool for community healing and resistance. As well as playlist curation and podcasting. They are attempting to revive the lost art of mixtape making, bringing back sonic extensions of our mindset and emotions. 

They are trying to learn to harness their experiences into a creative field, tying their academic experience, their life and varied creative pursuits into one. They are a visual activist who is interested in telling their own narratives through whatever medium is most available to them.

Instagram: @rima.jpeg 
Twitter: @RZA888
Mixcloud: soulsataunrise
Email:  remahamid@gmail.com

Photo Credit: Elvin Ojuka 

A4 Sounds Residency: Mother May I?

Mother May I?’ is a reconciliation between Mother Earth, the physical mother, and my fore-mothers. By exploring motherhood, growing up in the diaspora, colonialism and how they affect manifestations of gender. This gender-performance is tied into the negligence of our planet, and the betrayal of our fore-mothers and the land. 

Through poetry, dance and song in the vein of their native Shawayga tribe they will explore their identity in relation to the themes above. Delving into what it means to be a full fledged being who’s aware of the legacies and events preceding them and how to harness this understanding towards expanding yourself and direct environment. 

As part of this practice they are exploring sustainability when it comes to design. With a focus on natural dyes and sustainable materials. They are also taking a chance at sculpture making. Attempting to recreate traditional Sudanese instruments with Irish materials, as a nod to the Perseverance of ancestral wisdom and knowledge. 

Previous Work

The Diaspora Blues

Diaspora Blues, a poem reflecting on being away from a hometown, you never got to know. 2018 

Souls at Sunrise

‘The revolution is now’ (2018), an episode of souls at sunrise, a radio/show podcast broadcasted on Flirt FM.