Summer’s end BBQ and Chinstroke Records Tropical Yard Party Preview


To celebrate the end of summer, and bid farewell to all the, eh, rain and clouds and thunderstorms that it brought, we’re once again throwing open the gates of A4 Sounds studios for a tropical barbeque and stompin’ yard party. And you’re invited!

Not content with the prospect of providing everyone the tastiest tropical barbequed foodstuffs and finest thirst-quenching punch, we’ve also lined up a programme of entertainment to keep everyone thoroughly and suitably entertained. We’re delighted to team up with Chinstroke Records, purveyors of pop parody, originators of novelty music genres and all-round sensational combination of rave party antics, internet meme overload and pure comedy gold. Or, as a tongue-in-cheek mission statement on one of their web spots would have it, “forging new connections between the nodal points of sound, art and thought” – a spot-on parody of chinstrokey record label pretension.

Topping the bill for our real-life showcase of internet famous DJs is none other than croissant affecionado and musical pioneer DJ Detweiler, the creator and executor of “flutedrop”, an unholy amalgam of remix culture and recorder solos, and year-long internet sensation, followed enthusiastically by legions of fans and marveled upon by commentators, celebrities and hip media outlets alike (check out this breathless feature from Thump last year!)

DJ Detweiler’s also been at the coalface of recent scuffles over at soundcloud between the zealous capitalist tendencies of Soundcloud, Inc and the major labels, and the more  plunderphonically inclined remixers and mash-up-makers who constitute a goodly portion of its use base over copyright vioaltion and take-downs.

The line-up also includes a special live “power tool ballads” set from DJ Dadmagnet, in which – you’ve guessed it – the familiar strains of famous power ballads are cunningly combined with the gnarly noises of popular power tools! Chinstroke’s mighty Queerhawk and Tek Fritz & Edwin Triumph will also be playing, along with A4 Sounds DJs, so expect a non-stop selection of banging tunes and zany hilarity, for our all-day BYOB yard party spectacular!

There’ll also be a chance to belt out some rave anthems in the form of Chinstrokin’ Karaoke – as well as cozy hammocks to hang out in (because every tropical barbeque needs hammocks). Tickets are available from our online shop here – and as our yard has extremely limited capacity, these tickets will be in similarly limited supply – book as soon as possible to avoid ridicule on the internet and life-crushing disappointment in real life!

And we know that some of you just like to keep going stronger and longer and wronger than everyone else, so for anyone who’s always the life and soul of the party, and beyond, we’ve organised an additional bonus aftersparty, for only an additional fiver, in a lovely BYOB latenight music venue just around the corner. You’ll be sad if you miss it – and tickets are available at the this handy link – once again, capacity is limited, so get in there super quick!

you wanna be on the other side of the gate22

A4 are also donating some of the money raised through our shop for tickets, classes and merch to The UN Refugee Agency.


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