Storytelling Through Sound Course with Gareth Stack April 8th & 9th


2 Day Storytelling Through Sound Course

with Gareth Stack

Aimed at storytellers in all media, from writers to filmmakers. The goal of the course is to start thinking about sound in a new way: As a basic tool of storytelling. The mechanics of a medium, it’s limits and unique capacities, it’s textures and its intrinsic qualities are all key to making the most of it as a creative artist. This course will examine ways of using sound to tell a story – ways of treating sound as a first class citizen in multimedia work. We’ll be listening to some of the best sound design and aural storytelling from radio, sound art and cinema. We’ll explore the various relations to the listener possible through the medium, and what sound can add to other mediums.

Anyone with an interest in sound as a medium, especially artists, filmmakers and radio producers who wish to develop the use of sound in their practice. This is not a technical sound engineering course, but a storytelling course focused on sound as a tool and a medium.

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th April
11am – 6pm (with 1 hour for lunch)

A4 Sounds
St Joseph’s Parade, Off Upper Dorset St
Dublin 1

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Over the course participants are invited to develop and share their own sound based project. This can be anything from a radio drama, to a sound walk, to the soundtrack of a visual project. We’ll all work together to provide feedback and help on these projects After the course has ended, participants will have an opportunity to share their creations on the A4 Sounds website and via Soundcloud.

Participants should bring along:
– Laptop Computer

if possible:

– Device capable of digitally recording sound – e.g.: Smartphone or hardware recorder*.

*A4 will provide recorders  for group work and the necessary software for the course. If participants have their own device they are free to use this in the class.

Breakdown of the course:

1. The space of sound
– kinds of sound and their effects
– physicality, time and texture
– capturing sound on location
– sound as a journey
– beginning a sound project

2 . Learning from Radio
– Narrative Journalism – how storytelling has changed on radio
– ‘Radio theatre’ and why it sucks
– Voice and point of view
– Choosing a story
– Microphones and technology

3. Sound storytelling techniques
narrative structure
– technical approaches – from in studio to on location
– illustrative vs organic sound
sound as a character – leitmotifs and themes
– sound art and non-narrative soundscapes

4. Learning from Film
– how sound lends weight
– basics of the film production pipeline
– non-literal sound
– basics of foley

5. Writing for Radio
– Script writing for radio
– Expressionist vs technical writing
– working with actors – from audition to rehearsal
– getting paid to write for radio

6. The Cut – Storytelling with foley and sound libraries
– basics of editing
– building a soundscape
– resources for sound and music

Gareth Stack
Gareth Stack is a writer and independent radio producer. His work uses sound in a cinematic textural way, to explore unique perspectives and lived experiences. He got his start in radio as station manager for the anarchic student station Trinity FM. Beginning as a podcaster in 2005, Gareth went on to create radio sitcoms, award winning documentaries and drama for local Dublin stations. More recently he founded the production company ‘Dead Medium’ to create work for national radio. Gareth has two dramas coming to Newstalk in 2016 and one entertainment series in production for Lyric FM. He has also worked as a culture reporter, as well as sound engineer and editor for a variety of short films. He is currently communications officer for the Association of Radio Producers Ireland, and a member of The Attic and A4 Sounds.


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