Wanna collaborate on a project?

Calling all artists, art organisations and community groups in the greater Boston area. A4 are looking to collaborate on a project between March and May 2013. If you are interested get in contact with us here or at a4sounds at gmail dot com. If you know of individuals or groups that would be interested share this or forward them our details. 



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Call for participants: Calling in Sick Peer Support Group with Áine O’Hara

Calling in Sick is a body of work in development by artist in residence Áine O’Hara for our We Only Want the Earth 2020 Programme. Drawing on her experience of the health care system in Ireland as a person with a chronic illness, Áine is investigating how bodies are valued under capitalism; their ability to ‘produce’ and be ‘productive’, and what this means for us as a society. 

For this project Áine is seeking to develop relationships with other people who are chronically ill. In her own words, ‘I often feel very alone in my illness partly because of years of being ignored by doctors and other medical professionals and partly because I don’t know many other chronically ill people


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