F I V E R T H O N : crowdfunding campaign launch event

There are 1.6 billion fivers in circulation. We need a mere 2000 of them. Help us get them!

Join us for a night of comedy, spoken word, music and telethon-style fundraising high-jinks, as we launch our crowdfunding campaign “2000 Fivers”.

Tickets: 3 Fivers. (Book your tickets HERE!)
Complimentary cocktail on arrival.

The event will feature the hosting talents of stand-up comedian, film-maker, runner of Firehouse Film Contest and Dublin Fringe 2017 Spirit of Wit winner Conor O’Toole. We’ve a host of guest performers joining us on the night too, including comedian, Headstuff.org columnist and star of RTÉ’s Nowhere Fast Alison Spittle; singer/songwriter, spoken word artist and OutStraight founder Lewis Kenny. We’ll also have performance artist and co-host of Spicebag, a cabaret / live performance / drag / visual arts / multimedia / dance party extravaganza, Sarah Devereux (aka The Dirtbird). We’re delighted as ever to welcome back A4 favourite, legendary troubadour Big Monster Love, as well as songwriter and poet Beatrice Adomaityte. We’ve a few surprises in store on the night too, and  we’ll also be screening a couple of absolute highlights from the Firehouse Film Contest and Hackfest Alternative Animation Festival.

Why do we need so many fivers anyway?

In 2017 A4 was awarded a whopping 4560 fivers to upgrade the electrics and fire alarm system in our building. While this is a lot of fivers, it’s only 70% of the total number of fivers needed! In order to draw down the funds and carry out these necessary upgrades to the building, we need 30% more fivers. That’s 2000 more fivers to match the funding fivers.

Some of these 1.6 billion fivers are yours! Please can we have some? That one in the back of your wallet or purse, it would do nicely. That one you got in your change from a twenty earlier, that’d be fine too. Even that crumpled one in your back pocket you thought was a receipt. Altogether, we only need 2000 of them!

So come along and help us kick our crowdfunding campaign off to a great start, and enjoy a night of glorious variety-show fundraising fun, rarely seen since the peak days of telethon, benefit concerts and comic relief!

Conor O’Toole, who’ll be on hosting duties for our F I V E R T H O N extravaganza

We’re delighted to have comedian Alison Spittle performing at F I V E R T H O N

We’re stoked to welcome poet and playwright Lewis Kenny back to perform at A4 Sounds

Surviving Dublin – Screening & Q&A | Megan Woods

Surviving Dublin

Surviving Dublin – Screening & Q&A | Megan Woods

Surviving Dublin is a documentary about the cause and effects of Dublin’s rental crisis, and the rise of alternative living as a result of the governments failure to affectively tackle the issue.

Megan Woods is an filmmaker living in Dublin who often uses comedy or documentary to highlight important issues of the day. She’s also a puppeteer for Flight of Fancy, and will be launching her company; Megafilms this month. So stay tuned!

For more information about Megan’s work please visit:

Email: meganaoifewoods@gmail.com



Wed 31st Jan
7:30pm – 8:30pm

A4 Sounds
St Joseph’s Parade
Off Upper Dorset Street
Dublin 1
Google Maps link.


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1 Personal Workspace Available at A4 Sounds!

untitled-14Studio 1, Private Workspace. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.

1 Personal Workspace Available at A4 Sounds from February 1st.

We have one personal workspace available from February 1st at our studios. Total cost of membership is €175 per month.

We are currently looking for fine artists working in a range of disciplines including (but not limited to) sculpture, paint, print, photography and textiles.

As a socially engaged organisation we have also have a keen interest in applications from artists working in the following disciplines: Social Practice, Social Justice, Social Intervention, Socially Engaged, Dialogical, Participatory, Critical Thinking & Research, Activist, Political, Relational, Community, Collaborative Art or New Genre Public Art.

For more information about our studio, facilties and resources please read our next post: Memberships Available at A4 Sounds!

To apply please fill out our application form here!





Memberships Available at A4 Sounds!

05sml.jpgThe Blue Room, Shared Studio 1. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.

Memberships Available at A4 Sounds!

A4 Sounds is a interdisciplinary studio space and will suit artists of all sorts that enjoy working in a shared environment and need access to a wide range of facilities over the duration of their projects. Our member artists work in a wide range of disciplines including, paint, print, textiles, activism, socially engaged art, film, documentary, animation, illustration, sculpture, woodwrk, metal work, performance, new media and more. If you are looking for more than just a desk in a room get in touch here!


10.jpgThe A4 Workshop with shared materials, tools & equipment for members.
Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.

Apply for membership!

We are currently looking for fine artists working in a range of disciplines including (but not limited to) sculpture, print, photography and textiles.

As a socially engaged organisation we have also have a keen interest in applications from artists working in the following disciplines: Social Practice, Social Justice, Social Intervention, Socially Engaged, Dialogical, Participatory, Critical Thinking & Research, Activist, Political, Relational, Community, Collaborative Art or New Genre Public Art.

To apply please fill out our application form here!


04sml(1)Shared Studio 2. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien

Our Waiting Lists:

We currently have a wating list for our private workspaces. You can add your name to this list via our application form.

To keep a balance of activity at the studio, we pause applications from certain disciplines when there is a high number of artists working in these areas. When spaces free up we will get in contact with those on our waiting list first.

If you work in one of these areas, please feel free to fill in our application form and we can add you to the list.

JAN 2018: Currently our memberships are open to all disciplines.

JAN: We have 1 personal workspace available in studio 1 from Feb 1st. Cost: €175 pm.


03smlThe A4 Library Room & The Forgotten Zine Archive. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.

18278387_10203525999468823_3333264930382866443_oThe A4 Yard, with Bike Storage, Mezzaine and Members Garden.
For eating: The Soup Box, The Pie Box, The Cocktail Wall!!


What you get!

Our memberships are modular starting at €75 per month, with the option of adding a storage locker (€10-€30 pm) or a personal workspace (€100-€130 pm).

Regular Membership includes:


– 24/7 access
– WiFi and bills
– Kitchen facilities
– Outdoor garden with mezzaine & bike storage
Member discounts within A4 and local businesses
– Profile page on our website


– Access to meeting & workshop room
– Free Scanning & Printing
– Access to shared studio spaces (4 shared studios)
– Access to all facilities
– Access to shared equipment & materials


Darkroom red 1The A4 Darkroom. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.


– Darkroom (Colour / Black & White)
– Print & Screen-printing
– Electronics Area
– Workshop & Tools
– Textiles
– Audio-Visual Equipment
– Reduced rental fees to our Event Space for rehearsals & exhibitions
– Option to rent a personal workspace short term for the creation of larger works or exhibition preparation*


07sml.jpgTextiles & Screen-printing Room, Shared Studio 3. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.

A4 Artist Talk, Kate McElroy, 2017. Photo: Eimhin McNamara.

Professional Development & Training

– Free Darkroom Training
– Free Screen-printing Training
– Free Workshop Training
Free or Reduced fees on public workshops & courses
Regular Artist Talks and group discussion
– Regular exhibitions and events
– Collaboration opportunities with a wide range of artists
– Opportunities to host own workshops and discussion groups or to join those hosted by our members
– Ongoing support from the A4 Team
– Online studio group to share ideas, ask for help and stay in touch with our members.


untitled-14Studio 1, Private Workspaces. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.

08sml cropped.jpgStudio 2, Private Workspaces. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.

6.jpgLarge Lockers (€20-€30pm). Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.

Additional Costs
– Locker rental, various sizes €10 – €30 per month
– Personal Workspace €100 – €130 (currently a waiting list for these)
– 40% discount on gallery & event space hire

*we have a large workspace available to members to rent on a 1 month basis in our workshop for €130.


2Exhibition, Dr. Nadia Kelbova by Justyna Kielbowicz, 2017. Photo: Kate-Bowe O’Brien.


More information here!

Applications can be made here!

How to find us!


Applications Now Open for the A4 Artist in Residence Programme 2018!

3(1)Kerry Guinan, Presenting the Cultural Quarter, 2017. Photo Credit: Kate-Bowe O’Brien



Applications are now open for our 2018 Artist in Residence Programme! For our full brief and selection process please visit here!

About A4

A4’s mission is to transform the means by which cultural works are produced, accessed, and understood in Ireland, and by doing so to contribute to the development of a more just society. We want to Make Art That Matters.

About the Residency

The A4 residency programme was established to offer selected artists the time, space, and facilities needed to develop their professional practice in a supportive environment, while furthering the mission of our studio through projects that focus on social and political issues relevant to Dorset Street and surrounding areas.

Two residencies are available throughout the year. Applications are now open for 2018.
Closing date for applications is Wednesday 31st Jan 2017.

  • Residency 1 : 5th March – 6th June 2018 (3 months), with exhibition* dates 7th – 17th June 2018
  • Residency 2 : 11th June – 12th Sept 2018 (3 months), with exhibition* dates 13th-23rd Sept 2018

*Exhibitions are encouraged but not a necessary outcome of the residency programme.

A4 will select artists that we feel will benefit from the facilities we offer at our studio and who are also in line with our overall mission as an organisation.

Applications will be accepted from artists working in the following disciplines: Social Practice, Social Justice, Social Intervention, Socially Engaged, Dialogical, Participatory, Critical Thinking & Research, Activist, Political, Relational, Community, Collaborative Art or New Genre Public Art.
For more information  and to apply please follow this link to our full brief.

Applications should be submitted via email to residency@a4sounds.org

For further information about our studio please follow the links below:

The Studio & Facilities
Our Work
Our Members



Herding Cats – Siobhán Clancy

HERDING CATS.jpgHerding Cats – Siobhán Clancy  |Locale #1
Sun 3rd Dec | 3pm- 6pm | €5


Herding Cats
Herding Cats is a scavenger hunt with a territorial twist. Participants can form teams on the day or take part as solo players. This is a game for grown ups that runs through dusk from A4 Sounds Studio at 3-6pm on Sunday 3rd December 2017.  Hot Chocolate Brandy on arrival and souvenirs for players!

This artwork incorporates ideas that emerged in Playing Potential, a workshop by Sheelagh Broderick and Michael Holly (Art Manoeuvres) facilitated by artist game creator Jamie Harper in March 2017. Proposed by Éilis Murphy, a tabletop version was developed by Siobhán Clancy, Susy FreeLove, Michael Holly and Éilis Murphy, then dramatically explored with other workshop participants. Herding Cats by Siobhán Clancy is supported by A4 Sounds Studio for the 2017 member show Locale #1.

About Siobhán
Siobhán Clancy is a visual artist who collaborates with groups on multimedia and live works relevant to health, disability, education and social justice particularly concerning young people and women in Ireland. Agency and voice are recurring themes in a practice that straddles the fields of art, activism and engaged research.

In 2014, Siobhan completed a Masters in Community Education, Equality and Social Activism at Maynooth University following a BA in Fine Arts at NCAD (2005). Her work has been funded by awards such as the 2015 Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme Research and Development Award managed by Create (The National Development Agency for Collaborative Arts) through which home|work developed to collectively confront censorship and self-censorship through art, action, performance, conversation and camradery.

Siobhán is currently artist-in-residence for the Helium Arts ‘Fireflies’ project at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital with Rachel Tynan where they have been experimenting with games development as a creative health tool in transition experiences.

Email: siobhanclancy@gmail.com
Facebook: Siobhán Clancy


Where & When?
Sunday 3rd Dec
3pm – 6pm
Starting Point: A4 Sounds Gallery
Adults Only


Players will need to capture photos and video as part of your scavenging tasks so please bring a fully charged phone with memory on your SD cards!


Exhibition Opening | Pearl – Mónika Bögyös | Fri 17th Nov | 7pm

facebook banner small

Pearl | Mónika Bögyös
17th -26th Nov | A4 Sounds Gallery
A4 Graduate Award Exhibition

Pearl is a new body of work by Mónika Bögyös, created while on residency at A4 Sounds. She has created numerous intricate textile pieces by reusing and reworking images from notebooks from her time as a student. Each work is inspired by her everyday life, and by her experiences during her three-month residency.

Mónika has employed a phenomenally wide range of materials, including unprimed canvas, textiles, embroidery threads, felt, ink pencils, ink blocks, photographs, unbleached muslin, buttons, etching, prints, human hair, shells, stones, oil paint, glass wax, pearls and glass. These materials substantially transform and bring new life to previous work, which would otherwise have been stored away, forgotten and subject to the erasures of time. 

Gracefully weaving together contrasting styles and disparate approaches to her materials and subjects, Mónika brings the viewer on a playful and fantastical journey, akin to exploring a symbolic taxonomy of an otherworldly flora, a ritual semiotics of healing, wellbeing, connection and care. Individual details almost seem to dance forth from the fabric, with a dynamic interplay of vibrant colours between pieces. Each piece is completely different to the next, but with a profusive organicism throughout, and all are imbued with her truly individual style and approach to textiles and sculpture.

About Mónika

Born Szekesfehervar, Hungary in 1972, Mónika currently lives and works in Dublin, Ireland.

Mónika uses a wide range of media including painting, drawing, textiles, sculpture, and photography to observe, investigate and illustrate what it means to be human.  Her rigourous exploration of the materiality of materials used, allows her to communicate her observations through her work.

Since Graduating in June 2017 she her work has been included in the public collection of The Office of Public Works, and has received the A4 DIT Graduate Award 2017, the RHA School Peer Residency Award 2017/18, the Mont Kavanagh Award for Fine Art and was shortlisted for the RDS Visual Arts Award 2017, curated by Nick Miller.

Further information:

Website: http://www.monikabogyos.com
Email: monika_bogyos@hotmail.com



Exhibition Opening
Friday 17th Nov
7pm – 10pm
Drinks Reception & Art Print for Guests

Artist Talk & Exhibition Tour
Saturday 25th Nov
4pm – 5:30pm

General Opening Hours
Fri : 12pm – 6pm
Sat: 1pm – 6pm
Sun: 1pm – 4pm

Find Us
A4 Sounds Gallery
St Joseph’s Parade
Off Upper Dorset Street
Dublin 1
Google Maps link.

Facebook Event Page



The Headphone Clinic

22904813_1667968066555525_6408790659845032302_o(1).jpgThe Headphone Clinic: A casual Sunday afternoon experimental audio and collaborative soundscaping experience.

Beanbags to lounge on, and tea, coffee and biscuits provided. Something a little different in the sphere of hands-on participatory audio experimentation. Think ambient – soundscapes – experimental – handmade electronic music – collaborative performances – followed by live sets from invited guests.

Tickets available via our online shop!

Sunday 2pm – 8pm
12th Nov

A4 Sounds
St Joseph’s Parade, Off Upper Dorset St
Dublin 1

2pm – 7pm | Workshops & Hands-on Demonstrations
7pm – 8pm | Live Performances from Gavin Prior & Andy Wilson

For our inaugural edition, we’ll have guest performances from Gavin Prior, performing a semi-improvised set including live reworkings of material from his recent ambient album Always Summer Somewhere; and a modular synthesiser perfromance from A4 member Andy Wilson (plus guests).

From 2pm to 7pm-ish, we’ve hands-on demonstrations and open workshop around all things audio hardware and software related, including a full set of the diminutive new Minijam Studio gear to have a play with. You could also see what’s involved in and even have a go at building an effects pedal, a synth module, an ornament & chime, flash your teensy microcontroller for audio – or perhaps even fix your headphones! Don’t worry if you’re a complete novice to electronic projects. There will be a range of different projects and things to try out, all conducted in a fun and supportive environment, where there will be a few different people to help introduce you to audio hardware or troubleshoot your project as needed. (Get in touch if there’s a particular build or project you’d like to try out)

The open workshop will run gently and directly into the performance aspect of the evening, and you can test out and play with some of the new things that have come to life during the workshop session. We’ll be encouraging participants to collaborate together live, to co-create a once-off soundscape with the one-of-a-kind electronic projects that have been created or tweaked over the afternoon. This will be followed by live ambient / experimental electronic livesets from our invited guest performers, themselves no complete strangers to DIY electronics or unconventional apporaches to sound-making. We’re aiming to make this a mini-series of events to run in 2018, so do get in touch if any of this floats your boat.

Gavin Prior – Always Summer Somewhere: https://desertedvillage.bandcamp.com/album/always-summer-somewhere **also on display will be a selection from the series of the 32 x 32 cm prints created to accompany each of the tracks on the album.

Minijam Studio review: http://www.factmag.com/2017/04/29/minijam-studio-review/

Facebook Event Page

Creative Technology for Artists & Makers Course

creative technolgy.jpg

Creative Technology for Artists and Makers Course 

with Claudine Chen and Andy Wilson

Limited to 8 participants.

This course will introduce open source electronics and programming tools that can be used for all sorts of interactive audio or visual projects. Over the 4 weeks we will cover basic analog electronics and how to solder, working with LEDs and Arduino, and programming for AV using open source software including Pure Data, Patchblocks and Processing. If you want to include things like wearable electronics, sensors or open source hardware or software in your projects, this is the workshop for you!

The workshop is suitable for beginners to electronics or programming.

Full Course €140
Part 1 – Hardware & Analog €75
Part 2 – Software & Coding €75

Sunday 2-7pm
19th Nov – 10th Dec

A4 Sounds
St Joseph’s Parade, Off Upper Dorset St
Dublin 1

– How to solder
– How to power and connect LEDs
– How to incorporate sensors into audiovisual creations
– How to use an Arduino
– How to create audiovisuals with Pure Data, Patchblocks, and Processing

Participants to bring:
– Laptop if possible

Materialas Provided:
– Soldering Irons
– Oscillator PCBs and components
– Speaker/Monitors
– Arduinos

Course Breakdown

Part 1 – Hardware & Analog

Class 1
Analog electronics and learn to solder –  This week we will learn to solder by building an audio oscillator and have a look at some of the basic electronics components normally found in audio and video electronics. The oscillator you build, which is yours to take home, can be used to generate a sine wave audio signal

Class 2
LEDs/Arduino – want to incorporate LEDs into your project? This week we will look at how to make blinking or fading LEDs using an Arduino, and how to change the colour of RGB LEDs. We will do some basic programming and look at how to incorporate sensors and rechargeable batteries for portable projects. We’ll also have a quick look at other boards out there besides Arduino such as the Raspberry Pi & Teensy that can be used for projects with different requirements.

Part 2 – Software & Coding

Class 4
Pure Data & Patchblocks – Pure Data and Patchblocks are object orientated programming environments that utilise code in user friendly blocks, that can then be linked together and dragged around to create a “patch”, or a finished program of code. Patches can be as simple or complex as you like and can perform a few or many different functions.

Class 4
Processing – Processing is a java-based programming environment that makes it very easy to interact with your webcam, Arduino, or the keyboard and mouse. You can create shapes and colors, and manipulate images and video; you can also create sounds and manipulate sound files. You will learn basic programming skills.

Learning Resources (all weeks) – Each week everyone will get all the files, code, patches, etc that we’ve been looking at in each workshop to take home and use again.


Claudine Chen earned her electronics chops getting her applied physics Ph.D., and expanded to creative coding as a student of the School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe in Berlin. She exhibited the collaboration Alternative Soundtrack as part of the Lacuna Lab Activation exhibition at Spektrum in Berlin in 2016. She helped found Science Hack Day Berlin in 2013.

Andy Wilson is currently working as an electronic instrument designer for www.patchblocks.com, developing a new interactive audio platform for the next generation of music makers. He also recently worked for 2 years with www.maker.ie developing open source DIY audio products and delivering DIY electronics workshops, and in the past year in the past year has exhibited work at audio industry events in Dublin, Berlin and London.

Artist Talk | Lieselle McMahon – Sound Visions

SS pic 9.JPG

Artist Talk | Lieselle McMahon – Sound Visions

Lieselle McMahon is an artist with a multidisciplinary practice incorporating sound, audio visual installation, sculpture, photography and live art. She will be talking about how, having started with a background in sound (using sound synthesis, sound sculpture and design, field recordings, voice), it is the central element in her process, with her work often first visualised through sound and the piece then developing to involve other media from there. This fundamental entry point into the visual through the aural will be discussed using examples from her body of work.

For more information about Lieselle’s work please visit:
Email: liesellemcm@gmail.com


Wed 1st Nov
7:30pm – 8:30pm

A4 Sounds
St Joseph’s Parade
Off Upper Dorset Street
Dublin 1
Google Maps link.


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