Áine O’ Hara

Áine O’Hara

Áine O’Hara is a multidisciplinary artist, theatre maker and designer. Áine has presented work at Dublin Fringe Festival; Dublin Live Art Festival; Live Collision International Festival; Smock Alley: Scene and Heard festival of new work; Westival: Westport Music and Arts Festival; Theatre Machine at Project Arts Centre; participant in the Abbey Begins New Writing programme 2019. Further recent awards/recognitions include: Outburst Queer Fringe Award 2019, Oileán Artist in Residence 2019, DUETS programme Dublin Fringe Festival 2019, Ps2 residency Belfast 2019, World of Co Residency, Sofia, Bulgaria 2019 and DIVA Award Electric Picnic 2017.  Áine has also worked in art departments for film and tv including ‘Red Rock’ currently on Virgin Media One and upcoming Irish feature film ‘Broken Law’ by Paddy Slattery.Education: graduate of IADT, Dun Laoghaire and The Lir, Trinity College Dublin

Áine O’Hara is the recipient of our We Only Want the Earth Project Award 1.

Instagram: @misc.aine
Twitter: @miscaine
Email: aineoharaart@gmail.com
Calling in Sick Notebook: virtual-notebook/

A4 Sounds Residency: Calling in Sick

Calling in Sick is a body of work about disability, productivity and what it means to be a useful member of society. Áine has several chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia which as of now is not recognised as a disability in Ireland. They are developing a body of work based on their and other chronic illness sufferers’ experiences of our health service in Ireland. She is interested in who is believed when they say they are in pain and is investigating whether or not disabled people can ever be equal under a capitalist society. Calling in Sick explores healthcare utopias, gameshows where the prize is treatment, and whether political protest and artistic actions can actually change the law in this country.

Calling in Sick: Notebook

Previous Work

GAA MAAD, co-written with Vickey Curtis. Documentation from Dublin Fringe Festival 2019 performance.



This is club and county. This is Irish PRIDE. We’re here, we’re queer, and we love to cheer. We’re Dublin vs. Mayo. We’re queerer than Gaybo. We’re Irish and loud. We really love the GAA. We’re an all-island game. We’re your guilty pleasure. We’re the snack bar on the side of a pitch. We’re the oranges at half time. We’re the green, reds and blues. We’re searching for Sam. We are not your typical sports fans.

GAA MAAD, co-written with Vickey Curtis was performed as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2019 at Bewleys Cafe Theatre. It won the Outburst Queer Fringe Award and will be performed again at Galway Theatre Festival in May 2020.

Photo Credit: All images by Simon Lazewski

The Birthday Party, Performance Series, 2017

The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party is a series of performances about how the place you’re from shapes who you are, whether you like it or not. An investigation of changing attitudes to mental illness in Ireland. These are birthday parties for people who could not celebrate themselves.

Performances of The Birthday party took place as part of The Theatre Machine turns you on at Project Arts Centre, Live Collision International Festival at Project Arts Centre, Scene and Heard Festival at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin Live Art Festival and at IMMA as part of the VAI Get Together.

Images 1 & 4: Carla Rodgers, Image 2: Gemma Mc Guiness, Images 3 & 5: Fran Fay

Mayo for Sam, residency documentation, Ps2 Gallery, 2019

Mayo for Sam

Mayo for Sam was a performance and installation that took place in a retail unit in Belfast supported by Ps2 Gallery.  For three days Áine performed a series of works investigating the political history of Gaelic Games in Ireland. This work is rooted in her love of both GAA and art and is an exploration of the preconceptions and often misconceptions we have about people who love sport. Spectators were invited to come into the gallery and chat with Áine about their connection to GAA and sport in Belfast.