Áine O’Hara

A4 Sounds in partnership with Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Dublin Central Housing Action and consulting artist Kerry Guinan are delighted to announce the recipient of We Only Want the Earth’s first project award for 2020!

Áine O’Hara

Áine O’Hara is a multidisciplinary artist, theatre maker and designer and graduate of IADT, Dun Laoghaire and The Lir, Trinity College Dublin.

Instagram: @misc.aine
Twitter: @miscaine
Email: aineoharaart@gmail.com

Artist Bio

Áine has presented work at Dublin Fringe Festival; Dublin Live Art Festival; Live Collision International Festival; Smock Alley: Scene and Heard festival of new work; Westival: Westport Music and Arts Festival; Theatre Machine at Project Arts Centre; participant in the Abbey Begins New Writing programme 2019. Further recent awards/recognitions include: Outburst Queer Fringe Award 2019, Oileán Artist in Residence 2019, DUETS programme Dublin Fringe Festival 2019, Ps2 residency Belfast 2019, World of Co Residency, Sofia, Bulgaria 2019 and DIVA Award Electric Picnic 2017. Áine has also worked in art departments for film and tv including ‘Red Rock’ currently on Virgin Media One and upcoming Irish feature film ‘Broken Law’ by Paddy Slattery.

Mayo for Sam, residency documentation, Ps2 Gallery, 2019

A4 Sounds Residency: Calling in Sick

Calling in Sick is a body of work about disability, productivity and what it means to be a useful member of society. Áine has several chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia which as of now is not recognised as a disability in Ireland. They are developing a body of work based on their and other chronic illness sufferers’ experiences of our health service in Ireland. She is interested in who is believed when they say they are in pain and is investigating whether or not disabled people can ever be equal under a capitalist society. Calling in Sick explores healthcare utopias, gameshows where the prize is treatment, and whether political protest and artistic actions can actually change the law in this country.

The Birthday Party, Performance Series, 2017


Artist Talk : Wed 22nd Jan | 7pm – 9pm
Exhibition : 18th June – 8th July 2020

Further Information:
Further information about Áine O’Hara can be found here.
Further information about our We Only Want the Earth Programme can be found here.

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Call for participants: Calling in Sick Peer Support Group with Áine O’Hara

Calling in Sick is a body of work in development by artist in residence Áine O’Hara for our We Only Want the Earth 2020 Programme. Drawing on her experience of the health care system in Ireland as a person with a chronic illness, Áine is investigating how bodies are valued under capitalism; their ability to ‘produce’ and be ‘productive’, and what this means for us as a society. 

For this project Áine is seeking to develop relationships with other people who are chronically ill. In her own words, ‘I often feel very alone in my illness partly because of years of being ignored by doctors and other medical professionals and partly because I don’t know many other chronically ill people


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