Summer in the Mun

JUN – JUL 12   Summer in the Mun   Ballymun Shopping Centre, Dublin

A4 Sounds are delighted to be apart of DCTV’s Summer in the Mun project. Members Lisa Crowne and Conor Hinfey will be sharing their skills in Art Direction and Sound Engineering and facilitating workshops. We’d like to thank Ciara Kennedy, Production Manager of the project for this exciting opportunity.

Below is some info from their website and you can follow them on their facebook.

“This summer, Ballymun’s energy and creativity will explode across the screens of the capital, as DCTV’s Summer In The Mun comes to town. Broadcast from a pop-up studio in the heart of the community, Summer In The Mun will showcase the vast range of cultural and artistic activities which make Ballymun one of Dublin’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.

Delivered in bite-sized chunks of fifteen minutes apiece, the show will air four nights a week for three weeks at the height of the summer, with all content produced, presented, written and performed by the people of Ballymun themselves.

The focus will be firmly on arts and culture, reflecting Ballymun’s status as one of modern Dublin’s creative hubs. We’ll also seek to highlight the community’s sporting and musical triumphs. But above all, the series will showcase the uniquely mischievous sense of humour which defines the community, as well as the deep creative passion and collective spirit which has shone through good times and bad.

Summer In The Mun is an unprecedented opportunity for Ballymunners to show off their community as only they can.” 


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