A4 Sounds is Super Superstitious

16 JUNE 12   A4 SOUNDS IS SUPER SUPERSTITIOUS   Philia Home, Hong Kong

Curated by A4ers Finnula Williamson and John Mahon who live and work in Hong Kong. The show was a cultural exchange between Hong Kong artists and Irish artists working on the theme of superstition. This is an important year for the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Dragon. Children born this year are believed to become the most successful and important individuals. We explored cross-overs and similarities between the different cultures of those taking part in the show in a fun and playful way.

From the press release:

“Arresting architecture, aromatic incense and antiquated effigy burning canisters are the first face of Sheung Wan – the second is the high-rise apartment buildings that dominate the skyline. The burgeoning, slowly gentrifying district is one of the few places left in Hong Kong where tradition meets transition, and is the perfect place to show how superstitions have shaped the city.

But is it only our major metropolis where old and new concepts share the same confined space? What other superstitions shape global cultures?

The “A4 Sounds is Super Superstitious” exhibition is based around these questions, looking at how each set of international individuals share similarly illogical customs, no matter where they live. At times humorous and playful, at others reflective and probing, we invite you to come along, colour, play, laugh, scribble and have a dance with us.”

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Below is a time lapse of the event by John Mahon. Music ‘With You’ by Cignol.