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Above Image: Members of the home|work collective learning to screen-print at our studio

the home|work collective

home|work refers to the domestic policies of the Irish state that preclude access to abortion on the island of Ireland.  These policies criminalise abortion seekers, providers and advocates, thus stigmatising our experience and reinforcing censorship and self-censorship on the subject of reproductive decision-making. The title is also a nod to the traditional sphere of work of women in Ireland and the practice of making change from within. It recognises the activist and artistic practices of the members that are often conducted outside typical 9-5 schedules and traditional workspaces.

home|work emerged from a research and development phase undertaken by artist Siobhán Clancy with activist members of the Abortion Rights Campaign.  This phase has been funded through the Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme Research and Development with Mentorship Award managed by Create (The National Development Agency for Collaborative Arts). Mentorship has been provided by performance artist Áine Phillips.  Supported by The Abortion Rights Campaign and A4 Sounds Studio, home|work Collective members continue to meet regularly to participate in workshops coordinated with Clancy, to develop collaborative initiatives and support one another’s individual work. Their ethos and methodologies seek to embrace a range of feminisms.  Their shared identity and common experience as non-party affiliated reproductive-justice advocates inform the ethos and activities of the group.


Above image: Performance of The Renunciation at Project Arts Centre, Dublin

The Renunciation

The Renunciation is a production of the home|work collective and is a performed reading that intervenes, respectfully, in the reflective space offered by the modern day Angelus. The stories here describe a set of social rituals for 12+ people from Ireland seeking abortions daily. Read aloud, the verses publicly present uncensored insights into lived experiences.  Both rhythm and structure reference the Hail Mary prayer that commemorates the moment in which Mary exercised her agency in consenting to becoming pregnant.   These verses highlight the detrimental consequences of denying that same agency for others and disregarding our consent – in essence attempting to enforce pregnancy on us.  The Renunciation challenges the double standards dictated by idealised notions of womanhood and mothering that overlook present day realities and less-than-ideal circumstances.

c Above image:home|work members Siobhan Clancy & Emily Waszak speaking at Talking in Circles, A4 Sounds Gallery, April 2016



img_2807 Above 3 images: a performance of the renunciation at Talking in Circles, A4 Sounds Gallery, April 2016.

the home|work collective
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If you are interested in participating in or contributing to home|work activities or simply want to get in touch, email homeworkartcollective@gmail.com

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