Eimhin McNamara

Artist Talk 2Eimhin McNamara

Email: eimhin@paperpanther.ie
Website: www.paperpanther.ie
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Twitter: @eimhinmcnmara
Instagram: @eimhinmcnamara
Tumblr: Eimhin’s Secret Tumblr
Vimeo: eimhinmcnamara

Eimhin graduated from the National Films School IADT-DL in 2007, whereupon he, along with Pádraig created the Rooster, the Crocodile, and the Night Sky.

He has since worked on numerous short films, music video and commercial projects, while also lecturing at the National Film School and hosting workshops with his Paper Panther comrades.

Eimhin is also a member of indie film collective Late Night Work Club.

He has dogs or is dogs, no one is quite sure which.