Hello Everyone, 

You are invited to participate in the next iteration of our studio exchange between A4 Sounds, Dublin, Engage Art Studios, Galway, and Sample-Studios, Cork.

A4 Sounds in collaboration with a number of guest artists have developed a workshop series under the theme The stars are in the earth’. This we hope will be an exciting way for you to engage with our programme and studio members across the three cities, and help you develop ideas for new work.

These workshops will take place in March and early April. After the workshop series we will invite you to propose work for exhibition later in the year. This year our exhibition will have two strands:

1. Physical work in the gallery (up to 12 artists)
2. Digital work for broadcast online (up to 12 artists)

For those who would like to get started thinking of ideas; you can propose work for either strand 1 or strand 2 and you proposal must respond to the theme The stars are in the earth.

You can read more about our wider programme here: WOWTE 2022
Artists fees will be payable following the exhibition. Selected artists will be supported from proposal through to completion of work by fortnightly meetings and one-to-one crits by the curatorial team. Further information regarding proposals will be circulated between 28th March and 4th April.

For now we would like to introduce our workshops below, we hope you can join us!

WOWTE Curatorial Team

For Peats Sake | Friends of Ardee Bog

Mon 11th April | 6pm – 7:30pm

Katie, Fiona, Bryony and Helen from Friends of Ardee Bog will have a casual chat about their group, how and why they came together and the groups experiences so far as they engage with their community and try to get support for the bog. They will also share what they have learned about bogs and biodiversity and the relationship between peatlands and climate change, as well as the history of Ardee Bog and its context as a frontier town of the Pale and landscape of resistance and exile.

Friends of Ardee Bog
Friends of Ardee Bog is a community led group based in Ardee, County Louth. The group came together in 2019 to protect and preserve the Great Bog of Ardee, Ireland’s most easterly raised bog, following a decision by the county council to build a road through it. Ardee Bog is 10,000 years old, older and wiser than all of us, and is a site of considerable importance to County Louth’s Natural, historical and social Heritage. Friends of Ardee Bog endeavours to inspire, inform and share with the community how we can all play a role in the protection and improvement of our shared home.

Planet Factories | Brendan Owens

Tues 12th April | 7pm – 8:30pm

Where on Earth did the Earth come from? Join astronomer Brendan Owens for an online talk bringing you on an adventure through time and space to hear the best theories on how our planet formed over four and a half billion years ago. He’ll explain how looking at stars is the key to unlocking the origins of all we see around us from the clouds in the sky to the soil we tread. Brendan will show some amazing photographs of stars and nebulae taken using the best telescopes on Earth and in space. 

Brendan Owens
Brendan Owens is a passionate science communicator with a keen interest in and knowledge of astronomy and physics. Currently Astronomer Emeritus for the Royal Observatory Greenwich and researcher in the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin, Brendan prides himself on weaving fascinating stories to share his passion for science with school and public audiences alike.


Please add your name & contact info below, and select the workshops you would like to participate. All workshops are free and open to all members of our three studios.
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For Peats Sake | Friends of Ardee Bog

Monday April 11th | 6pm – 7:30pm. This talk takes place online.

Planet Factories | Brendan Owens

Tuesday April 12th | 6pm – 7:30pm. This talk takes place online.