Ghost Eyes & Snake Rider’s Celebration Porty!

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Ghost Eyes & Snake Rider’s Celebration Porty!
Sat 31st Mar| A4 Sounds Gallery

Join us one more time as we celebrate the joyous journey towards 2000 Fivers! We’ll be raising a toast to all the folks we couldn’t have done it without – which of course includes YOU if you’ve donated to our campaign or helped us out in any way.

Our entertainments on the night will include the inimitable A4 DJ duo of Ghost Eyes and Snake Rider, who’ve previously only brought their crowd-pleasing brand of all-vinyl, all-classic tunage to select audiences at super secret A4 events – maybe by the end of this night we’ll finally find out which one is Snake Eyes and which one is Ghost Rider!

We’ll also be casting a glance back to the heady days of FIVERTHON, the amazing launch party for the 2000 Fivers campaign, back when we didn’t know if were gonna get any fivers at all (we did and then some – THANK YOU!), and reliving some marvelous moments such as the auctioning off of the dregs of the bottles, the price of Conor O’Toole’s toplessness, and of course the unforgettable FIVERDANCE!

And while everyone in attendance is sure to be awesome, and it’ll be equal-opportunities amazing fun all round, we’ll also the VAPP or Very Awesome Person Place – just for those who’ve been extra generous and donated enough fivers. In the VAPP you’ll be able to get your complimentary cocktail, get your picture taken with Ghost Eyes and Snake Rider, and collect your goodie bags. But don’t despair if you’ve not donated quite enough fivers to be on the VAPP list – instead, perhaps bring along a few spare fivers, as you might have to bribe the A4 bouncer to get inside the VAPP!

Sat Mar 31st
8pm – 11:30pm

A4 Sounds
St Joseph’s Parade
Off Upper Dorset Street
Dublin 1
Google Maps link.

VAPP List Ticket €30 (Very Awesome Person Place)
Access to VAPP
Complimentary Cocktail
A4 Goodie Bag
Picture Taken with Ghost Eyes & Snake Rider

AP Ticket €15 (Awesome Person Ticket)
Entry & Dancing Rights
Possibility to bride VAPP Bouncer with Fivers

All proceeds going to ‘2000 Fivers’ Campaign for the refurbishment of the A4 Sounds Studios & Gallery

Advance tickets (including lots of goodies) available over on our Indiegogo page:


Artist Talk | Five Cats Tied Together – Helen Flanagan | Mar 28th

Talk Image

Artist Talk | Helen Flanagan – Five Cats Taped Together

Helen Flanagan is a Dublin based writer and filmmaker. Since graduating from the National Film School Helen has had several shorts funded by funding bodies including Filmbase, TG4, Film Offaly and the Irish Film Board. Her work often deals with characters in emotional crisis, features motifs of horror and influenced by Irish and European folklore. In her talk she will discuss developing a point of view and style as a writer, how difficult it is to hold on to that across the filmmaking process as a director, and what actually makes it worth it in the end.

Wed 28th Mar
7:30pm – 8:30pm

A4 Sounds
St Joseph’s Parade
Off Upper Dorset Street
Dublin 1
Google Maps link.



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Wall of Awesome is up!

wall of awesome digital with names

Thank you to everyone that has donated to our crowdfunding campaign 2000 Fivers so far. We will be adding names to the wall during our campaign.*/**

If you would like to be added to our digital wall of awesome for all to admire your generosity, community spirit and general comradery with artists and arts workers at our studio……please follow the link to our campaign page and donate 1 FIVER! We will be eternally grateful and shout our praise from the roof of our newly upgraded building!

If you are feeling a bit flush with cash, you might want to get onto our physical wall of awesome inside our studio by donating 2 FIVERS!!