Announcing We Only Want the Earth 2020

Announcing We Only Want the Earth 2020

We are absolutely delighted to announce our 2020 artistic programme ‘We Only Want the Earth’ in partnership with Create, Firestation Artists’ Studios, Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), Movement of Asylum Seekers Ireland (MASI), Migrant and Ethic-Minorities for Reproductive Justice (MERJ), and Dublin Central Housing Action (DCHA).

We are living through a time of sudden and unpredictable societal change caused by interlinked issues of global warming, the collapse of the neoliberal order, a resurgence of violent misogyny and nationalism, growing inequality, housing and homelessness crises, and the growth of ecofascism. The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that we have until 2030 to overhaul society in order to mitigate some of the worst effects of climate change. Whether or not we heed this warning, broad social changes will accelerate over the coming decade. If these changes are to lead to a just society, it is essential that voices that are often ignored, or whose very existence is treated as debatable, are instead prioritised. The arts play a fundamental role in supporting or challenging cultural hegemony, and therefore have a moral obligation to attend to voices that have been silenced.

During 2020 we will facilitate a programme of socially-engaged arts activities under the theme We Only Want the Earth. The programme is intended as a broad conversation about the goals and strategies of social change: what kind of society do we want and how should we get there?

To find out more please visit We Only Want the Earth information page here!

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We Only Want the Earth is kindly supported by The Arts Council’s Art Grant Funding 2020.

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By donating to our programme you will enable us to facilitate more engaging art experiences for the communities we are working with and help us develop our programme for many years to come.
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Culture Night Extravaganza at A4!

Once again, A4 Sounds is delighted to welcome Culture Night visitors for a full and eclectic programme of workshops, performances, screenings and more. Full programme and schedule to follow very soon. For now, check out our preliminary timetable and some selected highlights previewed below – and join us on Friday!


12:00 Tropical Business Park – Dublin PARK(ing) Day installation
17:30 Animation & Short Film Screenings
18:00 Screening double bill: “The Picture House” / “Reel: Irish Women”
18:00 Recreate Ireland workshop (upstairs)
18:30 Screening Double Bill: “About Flying / “Release”
19:00 Paper Panther Productions sand animation workshop (upstairs)
19:00 Rehearsed Readings & Theatre Performance
20.00 Flight of Fancy / Shadow Puppets
20.30  Amoon
21.00 Dorota Konczewska
21.30  Brian Coniffe
22.00  Bleak Stack
22.30 Niamh De Barra



Starting at 6pm, Recreate Ireland will run a drop-in workshop space inviting attendees to explore diverse materials which will inspire curiosity and creativity. Come and make a robot or a rag doll, a garden bug or a sea creature! will be there to lend a hand with an endless assortment of crazy art materials.


And from 7pm, you’ll be able to try your hand at sand animation, a popular workshop at our Culture Night event last year, courtesy of Paper Panther Productions.

The humble CEO of HACK INC. – An Art Company has kindly agreed to allow us to screen an efficiently innovatory selection of animated shorts from this years Hackfest Alternative Animation Festival on the big screen. Other screenings will include the short documentary The Picture House, a nostalgic reflection on cinema-going in Dublin’s old picture houses of the past, through the eyes of some of their original patrons, and Reel: Irish Women, a short film depicting the prominent role of women in the 1916 Rising and how this role was erased from history. A special selection of films from the The Firehouse Film Contest, a monthly short film festival designed to encourage new filmmakers to try their hand at making shorts in a low-pressure, low-cost environment, will also be screened. Full schedule of screenings will be available soon.


Outdoor slideshow exhibition featuring work from our talented studio members, working in and across a variety of disciplines and media. Artists featured include Andrea Lambe, Andrew Edgar, Deirdre Ronan, Eoin Whelehan, Fiona Harrington, Frank Prendergast, Gareth Stack, Jason Kearney, Justyna Kelbowicz,  Kate Bowe-O’Brien, Matt Hedigan, Mike Kunze, Sarah Deveraux, Sarah Usher and Tom Maher.


We’re delighted to present the debut performance of ‘Space Quest’, a live shadow puppet show by Flight of Fancy. Meet Sorcha, who’s in space in search of a new home for the human race. Planet Earth’s on fire and she’s all alone. But she’s got her Mum on the phone and a ship has arrived. Can we be saved? Find out for yourselves at A4 Sounds this Culture Night.

Blue Heart Theatre will present ‘Discoursed’, a staged reading of a work-in-progress loosely centered on the effect of the internet on communication, taking the form of a series of short scenelets that will probably make you laugh and might just make you think.


Wilde Shamrock Touring Theatre, meanwhile, will perform an excerpt from their show ‘An American Dream’, a sardonic look at the life of Henry Ford, voted as one of the top 10 Americans of all time. But does he deserve such a status?

LIVE: AMOON / Dorota Konchevska & WTRDRPS / Brian Conniffe / Bleak Stack / Niamh de Barra


We’ll round the night off with a few hours of live and improvised music and audiovisual performance. AMOON‘s aural and visual demonstrations will be a tapestry of the improvised and contemplated, using a mix of live instruments and electronics.


Dorota Konchevska is a composer and performer of voice and live electronics scenes, living and creating in Ireland for the last 13 years. Her distinct and eccentric sound blends electronic soundscapes with beats, atmospheric melodies, jazz, and traditional instrumentation, and she’ll be performing at A4 Sounds for the first time, along with WTRDRPS.


Brian Conniffe is a cross-genre, experimental musician. His work is notable for a style which fuses the darkest psychedelia with disquieting ambience. He has worked with a long list of collaborators covering a diverse stylistic range, from experimental pioneers Nurse With Wound, through a variety of unique improvisation projects, to synthpop acts such as Patrick Kelleher and Catscars. He blew the metaphorical lid off A4 Sounds with his performance last Culture Night, so we’re welcoming him back for a very different, but no doubt impressive set.


Bleak Stack are a brand new and exciting Hip Hop Duo from a reality not far from our own. They will release their debut album ‘Check or Fold’, and a series of visual work, in the next few months. Their distinctive masked performance was one of the highlights at this years Rather Gather festival, and they seem set to unleash a storm upon the Irish Hip Hop scene.


Niamh de Barra is a musician and singer who works with electronics, cello and voice. Tonight she’ll be leaving the cello and microphone at home, focusing on the beats and rhythms for one of her rarer and much-vaunted techno sets, such as she played as one of the most memorable moments at this year’s Open Ear festival of Irish experimental music.

BONUS EVENT: ‘Tropical Business Park’


Attention! Image may not reflect actual Tropical Park on Culture Night.

Not many people realise that the most tropical part of Dublin is just off of Dorset street. A street itself lined with multicultural grub and only a stone’s throw from the fruit markets – the very suppliers of pineapples and coconuts! So swing by extra early on Friday to visit our contribution to PARK(ing) Day 2016. A tropical-themed twist on an outdoor “office” space. Whether you want to relax with your laptop or book, and sit in our tropical swivel chair (which has great back support ) or even partake in a participative performance by trying to support our slightly sad Bird of Paradise on her quest to learn to play the ukulele – this Friday 12:00 noon – 5:00pm… we hope to make all your Tropical dreams come true!

A4 Sounds presents: Bitch Falcon, Cal Folger Day and Rivers & Crows

Gig Poster - Bitch Falcon, Cal Folger Day and Rivers & Crows

A4 Sounds are super excited and extra delighted to present the first of our quarterly fundraiser gigs for 2015, once more returning to the cosy confines of the inimitable Bleecker Street Cafe Bar on Saturday 28th February.

The lineup includes A4 Sounds’ studio member and all-round hyper-talented Cal Folger Day, whose second release, Adornament, is just out on Reeks of Effort records, as well as the rising stars of Dublin’s live scene, the inimitably named grunge / rock / noise outfit Bitch Falcon. Joining them for a special Dublin show are Rivers and Crows, an awesome alternative folk collective hailing from the wild west of Galway. This promises to be an unforgettable night, with an eclectic mix of music and shovel-loads of craic.

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Update – member benefits & workshops

workshops 10491157_10200190717408856_5844914592817786281_n

We are now running workshops for our members. To kick things off, Paper Panther Productions are taking us into their studio and sharing some animation techniques. Kate O’Brien will be covering everything you need to know for darkroom basic in our newly set-up photographic darkroom. Meanwhile, the crew will continue offering workshops soldering and electronics basics. In the new year Jason Kearney will be running workshops on carpentry for artists, Gareth Stack will be sharing insights on storytelling with sound and radio documentary making,while Cal Folger Day will introducing us all to Piano and Keyboard.

Our memberships start at €50. This gives you access to our shared facilities and workshops, and additional training can be arranged upon request. You can add a storage locker to your membership, available from €10.

More info on member benefits here.

A4er Donal Holland led the development of this Soft Robotics Toolkit at Harvard…”everything a robot maker needs”

Massive congratulations to our education officer Donal Holland. First for his new job as visiting lecturer at Harvard University and second for the launch of the Soft Robotics Toolkit on Sept 19th.

“The Soft Robotics Toolkit is an online treasure trove of downloadable, open-source plans, how-to videos, and case studies to assist users in the design, fabrication, modeling, characterization, and control of soft robotic devices. It will provide researchers with a level of detail not typically found in academic research papers, including 3D models, bills of materials, raw experimental data, multimedia step-by-step tutorials, and case studies of various soft robot designs. 

Dónal Holland, a visiting lecturer in engineering sciences at SEAS and graduate student at Trinity College Dublin, is one of the lead developers of the toolkit and is especially interested in the toolkit’s potential as an educational resource.

“One thing we’ve seen in design courses is that students greatly benefit from access to more experienced peers—say, postdocs in a research lab—who can guide them through their work,” Holland says. “But scaling that up is difficult; you quickly run out of time and people. The toolkit is designed to capture the expertise and make it easily accessible to students.”

Full Text on Harvard SEAS News

Harvard students mentored by A4’s Education Officer Donal Holland win design awards!!

This is not a humble brag, it’s a straight up brag! Our Education Officer is awesome. Congratulations Donal and good luck with your thesis!

Crafted in a 3D printer and outfitted with rubberized pressure sensors, this inexpensive device offers surgeons a confident grip on delicate tissue. (Photo by Eliza Grinnell, SEAS Communications.)

“I think it proves how worthwhile it is to provide students with hands-on design experiences and access to great facilities.” Donal Holland


“With a team of other students, and with mentorship from Holland, Walsh, and Dr. Catherine Wee at Spaulding Hospital for Continuing Medical Care, Maeder-York designed a soft, wearable device to help patients regain normal thumb movement—and therefore the ability to grasp objects—after a stroke. The project won the Three-In-Five contest at DMD, as did another of Gafford’s devices. The students now have the opportunity to submit their findings for accelerated review by the prestigious ASME Journal of Medical Devices.”

Read the full article here!