Members Town Hall Suggestion Box


Our first Town Hall of 2023 is happening next Thursday at 6:30pm!

If you want to chat with others ahead of time the forum link is here: https://a4sounds.org/forums/discussion/member-town-hall-thur-26th-jan-info-suggestion-box/

The purpose of our Town Halls are to offer a space for members to ask questions, make suggestions, share ideas and feed into how the studio is run. They are also a space for your to meet and get to know your fellow studio members + there will be cake.

We understand that speaking in groups can be scary so we have set up a digital suggestion box ahead of time for you to post your comments annoymously.

If there is something you would like to see happening in the future, something you would like to see changed, or something thats really bugging you please let us know via this link: https://a4sounds.org/suggestion-box/

Please submit your suggestions or comments by 6pm Wed 25th Jan* to ensure we have time to read ahead of the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Is there something you have been afraid to ask, something bugging you, something you would like to see happen but not sure if its possible? Add your ideaas, comments or rants here!