Next to None

22nd Oct – 7th Nov 2021 | A4 Sounds Gallery

Next to None is a multimedia installation exploring the precarity and emotional experience of renting in Dublin. Drawing on her experiences over the past 8 years, Maria uses sound, sculpture and photography to capture quieter moments of frustration, stress and anger living in poorly maintained apartments, and daydreams of a future out of reach. 

The stage for this work is a full scale floor plan of the cheapest apartment currently available to buy in Dublin. An apartment not fit for purpose, without a bedroom that will inevitably be purchased by a landlord and released onto the rental market. The work is performed on its unstable walls and a spoken text echoes through the gallery in Danish.

Saturday 6th November | 5pm – 6pm

We are delighted to present a live performance of the artists’ sound piece on Saturday 30th September. This work journeys through eight different emotions unfortunately all too common to renters in Ireland.

Tickets are limited to 20 persons and can be booked below.

Maria Maarjerg

Maria Maarbjerg is a Dublin-based visual artist working primarily with analogue photography. She is originally from Denmark and moved to Ireland in 2013. Her practice revolves around societal issues, such as the current housing crisis and is focused on the psychological and emotional impact of people living through these situations. Her images reference pre-digitalisation photography, and she finds her inspiration in archival photos and old video footage.

Maria studied photography at Fatamorgana – the Danish School of Art Photography in Copenhagen and graduated in Fine Art from Dublin School of Creative Arts at Technological University Dublin in 2020. Following, she received the R.C. Lewis-Crosby RDS Award 2020, and the Digital Media Graduate Award from Fire Station Artists’ Studios, 2020. 

Maria is the recipient of our We Only Want the Earth Residency Award in partnership with Fire Station Artists Studios and Migrants & Ethnic-Minorities for Reproductive Justice (MERJ).

Instagram: @mariamaarbjerg
Email: maria.maarbjerg@gmail.com
Website: www.mariamaarbjerg.com

We Only Want the Earth is kindly supported by The Arts Council of Ireland’s Art Grant Funding 2021.

Exhibition Information

Gallery Visit
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Dates & Times:
Fri 22nd Oct | 2pm – 6:45pm

Sat 23rd Oct| 1:30pm – 6:45pm
(Sat 6th Nov | Performance 5pm – 6pm seperate booking required below)

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Next to None | Performance
20 tickets available

A live performance of the artists’ sound piece on Saturday 6th November. This work journeys through eight different emotions unfortunately all too common to renters in Ireland.

Tickets are limited to 20 persons and can be booked below.

Ticket prices tiered based on income; Less than a Living Wage, A Living Wage, Higher than a Living Wage.

This is a seated event. There will be loud experimental music played on a PA system. Further information can be below or here: https://bit.ly/3DOmw66

Exhibition Credits

Maria Maarbjerg

A4 Curatorial Team
Lisa Crowne
Andrew Edgar
Dónal Holland
Lucia Pola

Production Team
Megan Scott | Installation
Aideen Farrell | Installation
Lisa Crowne | Installation
Andrew Edgar | Installation
Kate-Bowe O’Brien | Photo Documentation
Lucia Pola | Website Design & Build

Further Information

You can access our full accessibility information via this link: https://bit.ly/3DOmw66

General Accessibility Information:
This event will take place in our gallery which is wheelchair accessible.
The gallery is approx a 5m walk from the front door.
There is a garden with benches and stool adjacent to the gallery for breaks if needed.

Installation Specific Information:
There is sound in the gallery; a spoken text will be audible throughout the gallery. The piece is at a medium loudness, however we can arrange for it to be lowered or turned off for your visit if required.
The gallery is low lit, there are a number of projected images. There are no flashing lights.
You can move freely around the gallery. 
There are a number of structures in the centre of the gallery but there is enough room to move around them if using mobility aids or a wheelchair.
There are no seats, but if you require comfortable seating we can provide this for you. You can request when booking or when you arrive at the gallery.

Our bathrooms are gender-neutral
Our bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible. They are located on the first floor via a flight of stairs (approx 22 steps) so may also be inaccessible for people with movement impairments.

If you have specific needs that are not included in this information please get in touch via and we will work with you to ensure you are comfortable on your visit. You can email us via events@a4sounds.org.

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