looks like 4 mins so….

…pretty good for a DIY box! Next step check curing.

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The curing worked!!

The prints survived a 30 and 40 degree wash, yay! Gonna keep increasing the temp to to see how the print holds up. We want…

Creative Technology for Artists & Makers Course

Creative Technology for Artists & Makers Course at A4 Sounds.

This course will introduce open source electronics and programming tools that can be used for all sorts of interactive audio or visual projects.

A4er Donal Holland led the development of this Soft Robotics Toolkit at Harvard…”everything a robot maker needs”

Massive congratulations to our education officer Donal Holland. First for his new job as visiting lecturer at Harvard University and second for the launch of the…

“A4 Sounds” by J.A. Vivian

We found this a while ago, pretty funny. From an album called DMTRNR on Doctor Hemp Records

Play Date # 1

Task: Create a 70’s game show style raffle stand. A4er Alien Hand was holding a raffle to raise funds for his upcoming music video (more details soon). We…


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