Chris Hinojosa

A4 Sounds in partnership with Create: National Development Agency for Collaborative Arts, Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) and consulting artists gender.RIP are delighted to announce the recipient of We Only Want the Earth’s first residency award for 2020!

Chris Hinojosa

Chris Hinojosa was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. She holds a BFA in Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University of London. Hinojosa has traveled extensively with her practice including the US, UK, Japan, China, and Scandinavia. Having lived in so many countries, she is constantly reflecting on her home and culture as a Mexican American, which features prominently in her work. Chris is currently based in Dublin Ireland, in residence at A4 Sounds studios.

Artist Statement

Chris Hinojosa’s practice concerns the stage as an opportunity for the suspension of disbelief, the reclamation of space, and fantasy as mechanisms for shifting power dynamics. Recently she has been working primarily with her experience as a Latinx Trans woman, exploring modes of normalizing public conversation around trauma, specifically as it relates to trans identity. Working in photography, vocal performance and audio production, Chris uses the ‘stage’ (sometimes a public site) to allow the body to become greater than it is in isolation, shifting everyday dynamics to allow fantasy to become a personal reality.

Kameha-Mija! Chris Hinojosa (2019) Video, 3.39 minutes

A4 Sounds’ Residency

Statistics show that in 2019 there were around 400 reported murder cases worldwide of trans persons. Chris’ home state of Texas in the US makes up about 33 of those cases, all of which were persons of color. During her residency, Chris will create a performance installation informed by the Catholic heritage of her family and the current epidemic of trans death in society. The work will aim to draw comparisons between mythic religious iconography and the real, tangible bodies of those whom we have lost in the trans community, creating a fantasy realm which builds new mythologies from the very real experiences of trans women.


Artist Talk : Wed 22nd Jan | 7pm – 9pm
Exhibition : 16th April – 6th May

Further Information:
Instagram: @kameha_mija

Further information about Chris Hinojosa can be found here.
Further information about our We Only Want the Earth Programme can be found here.

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LOCALE #3 | A4 Members’ Show 2019


24th Oct – 3rd Nov | A4 Sounds Gallery
A4 Members’ Show 2019

Locale #3 is the third in a series of exhibitions responding to the local area and home of A4 sounds. With this show the conversation between our members, our neighbours and the local area continues as we explore and reflect on the shared experience of our city.

Locale #3 began, like the previous years’ shows, with a walking tour of the surrounding area. Lead by Laura McQuaid, our neighbour and member of The Royal Canal Clean Up Group. The tour took our members up the Whitworth Road along the Royal Canal, through Glengariff Parade, down Royal Canal Bank and eventually to the depot at Broadstone. Along the way we spoke about the canal’s functional history and relationship to a variety of communities in the area past and present.

Locale #3 sees our members continue to convey their experiences of Dublin as a built environment in our largest iteration of Locale to date. Through their respective mediums of video games, mixed media, photography, film, moving image, paint, illustration, sculptural installations and performance they reconcile with a number of political, social, ecological and interpersonal themes that are to them salient elements of the urban landscape of our city.


Leigh Arthur
Claire Burke
Claudine Chen & Daniel Brennan
Siobhán Clancy
Niamh Coffey
Angela Cuthill
Sarah Devereux
Aideen Farrell
Heather Gray
Yu Higashikawa
Garreth Joyce
Róisín McGannon
Lieselle McMahon
Leia Mocan
Vivienne Molloy
Alec Moore
Rachel Naughton
Kenny Murphy
Caoimhe Jane Reynolds
Sara Serpilli
Yohann Walter

Full information on each of our participating artists and their work can be found here!

Exhibition Opening
Thursday 24th Oct
7pm – 10pm
Drinks Reception: Canal Water & Canal Cans

General Opening Hours
Fri : 12pm – 6pm
Sat: 1pm – 6pm
Sun: 1pm – 4pm

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Open Call: We Only Want the Earth 2020 Project Award 1


We are absolutely delighted to announce our second award for our 2020 programme We Only Want the Earth!

A4 Sounds in partnership with Firestation Artists’ Studio and Dublin Central Housing Action invite applications from artists who are experiencing or have previously experienced homelessness – this could be any form of homelessness including living in emergency accommodation, living in hostels, sleeping rough, as well as sofa-surfing – for a six-month project award as part of the We Only Want the Earth 2020 programme. The award will run from January to June 2020. The award opportunity aims to support an artist or group of artists based in Ireland to develop their arts practice.

Deadline: 5pm, Thursday 7th November 2019


We are living through a time of sudden and unpredictable social change caused by interlinked issues of global warming, the collapse of the neoliberal order, a resurgence of violent misogyny and nationalism, growing inequality, housing and homelessness crises, and the growth of ecofascism. We Only Want the Earth is a 12-month programme of awards, exhibitions, and events that seeks to interrogate the goals and strategies of social change: what kind of society do we want and how should we get there?

More information about our programme here.


A central aim of the We Only Want the Earth programme is to give material support and a platform to artists who are often silenced, or who are spoken about rather than listened to. As part of meeting this aim, this 6-month supported project award will support an artist or group of artists who are experiencing or who have previously experienced homelesness to a develop and exhibit a body of work, and will provide the selected artist or group of artists with an opportunity to make contacts and identify resources that might help them to further develop their artistic practice.

Please note that the artist(s) are free to work on any topic of their choosing; there is no requirement that the work deal with issues of homelessness.

For more information about the award and how to apply please visit the project award page here!

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We Only Want the Earth is kindly supported by The Arts Council’s Art Grant Funding Award 2020.

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C A H O O T S : A 4 \ w / S A M P L E

C A H O O T S : A 4 \ w / S A M P L E

20th – 27th Mar 2019 | A4 Sounds at Sample-Studios


C A H O O T S : A 4 \ w / S A M P L E is the second in a series of collaborations between A4 Sounds and Artists Studios here in Ireland and further afield.

C A H O O T S : A 4 \ w / S A M P L E features work by 14 of A4 Sounds’ member artists.

The Artists
Aoife Balfe
Evelyn Broderick
Claudine Chen
Siobhan Clancy
James Delaney
Sarah Devereux
Roisin McGannon
Jess McKinney
Kate Bowe O’Brien
Lucy Peters
Frank Prendergast
Caoimhe Reynolds
Megan Scott
Yohann Walter

Exhibtion Opening
Wednesday 20th March 2019
7pm – 9pm
Drinks Reception

General Opening Hours
Thurs – Wed : 12pm – 4:30pm

The Crypt at St. Luke’s,
O’Mahony’s Avenue Entrance,
St. Luke’s Cross,
Cork City
Google Maps

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Full information on each of our participating artists and their work can be found here!

C A H O O T S : S A M P L E \ w / A 4 | 31st Jan – 10th Feb 2019

C A H O O T S : S A M P L E \ w / A 4

31st Jan – 10th | Sample-Studios at the A4 Gallery


C A H O O T S : S A M P L E \ w / A 4 is the first in a series of collaborations between A4 Sounds and Artists Studios here in Ireland and further afield.

C A H O O T S : S A M P L E \ w / A 4 features work by 13 member artists from Sample-Studios, Cork.

Sample-Studios is one of Irelands leading artist-led spaces with over 40 member artists. TACTIC is the artist-led visual arts programme of Sample-Studios. With their focus on creating a dialogue and a process of collaboration across disciplines they aim to highlight artists and curators who demonsatrate high levels of resolution, investigation and critical thinking in their practice whilst also facilitatiing the enjoyment and participation in contemporary art for its audiences.


The Artists

Sarah Jayne Booth
Nora Buttimer
Edith Cosgrave
Pat Donlon
Tommy Feehan
Joseph Hefferman
Kathryn Kelly
John Ketch
Kevin Mooney
Kim-Ling Morris
Anna O’Riordan
Alison O’Shea
Catriona Osborne

Exhibtion Opening

Thursday 31st Jan 2019
7pm – 10pm
Drinks Reception:

General Opening Hours

Mon – Fri : 12pm – 6pm
Sat: 1pm – 6pm
Sun: 1pm – 4pm

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A4 Sounds Gallery
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Full information on each of our participating artists and their work can be found here!

Exhibition Opening Thursday 13th Sept | Obedient City by Michelle Doyle

invitation 2a

Obedient City | Michelle Doyle
13th – 23rd Sept | A4 Sounds Gallery
A4 Artist in Residence Programme 2018


Obedient City

Obedient City is a visitor centre of the minerals, obstructions and energy of public works. Signs tell you who owns what utility and why you shouldn’t poke. Electricity and information flows under the heaving concrete buildings and paths. Vibrations crack and fray each new object. Pebbledashed public monoliths shed their skins. Two snakes meet in an embrace. Neighbours tell on each other and lock up laneways.

New museums spring up to sell experiences and data, in a city losing its material culture. Visitor Centres guide one on the right path, through to the right exit. Tourists must work extra hard to ensure they have taken the right photos. Fast construction uncovers new heritage and rips it out. Tearing, breaking, moulding but constantly updating. Rebuilt pebble dashed walls of Newgrange only serve to further worship public works. The city is triumph and asks only for your obedience in return for living here.

Obedient City or “The Obedience of the Citizens Produces a Happy City” comes from the latin translation of the motto of Dublin City, “Obedientia civium urbis felicitas.” Broadly looking at the architecture and urban planning of North Dublin, where the materials come from, and their effect on its inhabitants, along with the rapid privatisation of public space and the marketing of the City. This exhibition takes the museumification of OPW sites and shows how the true essence of Dublin, one with with three castles ablaze, can be packaged.

Telekom | Obedient City | Michelle Doyle | A4 Sounds Gallery


Michelle Doyle

Michelle Doyle is an artist and musician living in Dublin. She is a graduate of Fine Art Media in NCAD and Art and Research Collaboration in IADT. Her practice is concerned with media, information and power. This has led her to work with pirate radio, zines and social media as platforms for art making. Coming from a DIY punk background, distribution plays a large role in her work from publications, tapes to badges.

Doyle collaborates frequently with other artists and musicians such as the Lads Society, the Digital Druids, Repeater and Isadora Epstein. This year she has exhibited with Repeater with Athrá Titim Gach Rud and the Digital Druids with Yoga For The Eyes. As well as being the current artist in residence of A4 Sounds, Michelle makes music with punk band Sissy and now solo as Rising Damp.

Departing from a mainly online practice of sound and video works, this exhibition is mainly sculpture based.

Obedient City | Michelle Doyle | A4 Sounds Gallery


Further information:

Instagram: @risingdamp_
Twitter: @risingdamp

Exhibition Opening
Thursday 13th Sept
7pm – 10pm
Drinks Reception

General Opening Hours
Fri : 12pm – 6pm
Sat: 1pm – 6pm
Sun: 1pm – 4pm

Artist Talk
Wednesday 19th Sept
7:30pm – 8:30pm

Culture Night
Friday 21st Sept
6pm – 10pm
Drinks Reception

Find Us
Google Maps link.

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Exhibition Opening | In passing | Evelyn Broderick| Thurs 16th Aug

evelyn invitation III


In passing | Evelyn Broderick
16th – 26th Aug | A4 Sounds Gallery


In passing

‘the head and the hand are not simply separated intellectually but socially’

Richard Sennet writes about craftsmanship and all kinds of makers. In his book The Craftsman, he uses the phrase ‘making is thinking’. Charmed by the idea of ‘making’, Evelyn Broderick uses socially engaged structures to shackle and bind drawing, printmaking, and sculpture together, to delve into the experiences of using your head, hand and body.

Evelyn’s work explores this social need and desire to make using our hands, and how, now more than ever, it is imperative to our understanding of our surroundings and ourselves. The daily use of electronic devices has slowly disconnected our touch to raw materials and the concept of making has become more of a fitting hobby than an everyday practical need. Society has always had a strong focus on work life but the demands in labour have changed, once physically exhausting, now emotionally draining. Evelyn worries about the attitudes of our limitless abilities that we seem to have created. It is now that we need to reconnect with the touch of making as a way to fully connect to a present and more fulfilled society.

In passing is a new series of work about making. A gentle nod to the game chess, Evelyn uses the pawn as a recurring motif where here it is dismantled into three structures. The title stems from a strange move in chess ‘en passant’, a special pawn capture. She uses materials both man made and natural to highlight the maker, rushes used to make useful objects and copper used in trade. The woodblock prints acknowledge the tactile experience of making a mark.

About Evelyn

Evelyn Broderick is an installation artist currently based in Stockholm. Evelyn received an MA (First Class Hons) in Fine Art from Liverpool John Moores University, founded an artist and art education cooperative (Quad Collective CIC) and worked closely with Turner Prize 2015 winners, ASSEMBLE, at Granby Workshop, Toxteth. Evelyn also led workshops on behalf of Tate Liverpool (Liverpool, UK), Walker Art Gallery (Liverpool, UK) and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid, Spain). Broderick spent 2017  participating in residencies across the UK and Ireland.

Further information:

Instagram: @evelynbroderick_artist

evelyn 1

Exhibition Opening
Thursday 16th Aug
7pm – 10pm
Drinks Reception & Art Print for Guests

Mark Making Workshop
Saturday 18th Aug
1pm – 4pm
Places Limited
Booking Required

General Opening Hours
Fri : 12pm – 6pm
Sat: 1pm – 6pm
Sun: 1pm – 4pm

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Deadline! by Conor O’Toole | A4 Sounds Edition


Deadline! by Conor O’Toole | A4 Sounds Edition
Sat April 14th | A4 Sounds Gallery

Comedian Conor O’Toole has an hour to get the paper out. He’s taken a job editing the Dublin Correspondænt and urgently needs staff. Come see the modern news cycle live, right before your eyes.

A seriously interactive comedy show about the media and the process of producing news. Be part of the spin, compromise and manipulation that goes into making even a simple news sheet to a tight deadline, for this special, last-ever, once-off run of Deadline!

“O’Toole nails the fun stuff: the crackling energy of an absorbing team game, the miracles forged under pressure (“You, draw a satirical cartoon”) and the countless sly cheats we call professionalism.” ★★★★★ – Peter Crawley, Irish Times

“This interactive comedy show is a welcome antidote to Ireland’s moribund news cycle. There’s no fake news here, only plenty of spin and an abundance of cute animal photos […] The simplicity of the show is its success, and it is ultimately great fun.” ★★★★ – Ciara L. Murphy

Spirit of Wit Award Winner, Dublin Fringe Festival Awards 2017

Sat 14th April
8pm – 11pm

A4 Sounds
St Joseph’s Parade
Off Upper Dorset Street
Dublin 1
Google Maps link.

There are only 16 seats available for this show!
1 Ticket €20
2 Tickets plus additional perks €40

All proceeds going to ‘2000 Fivers’ Campaign for the refurbishment of the A4 Sounds Studios & Gallery. To find our more about our fundraising campaign please visit our indiegogo page.

Applications Now Open for the A4 Artist in Residence Programme 2018!

3(1)Kerry Guinan, Presenting the Cultural Quarter, 2017. Photo Credit: Kate-Bowe O’Brien



Applications are now open for our 2018 Artist in Residence Programme! For our full brief and selection process please visit here!

About A4

A4’s mission is to transform the means by which cultural works are produced, accessed, and understood in Ireland, and by doing so to contribute to the development of a more just society. We want to Make Art That Matters.

About the Residency

The A4 residency programme was established to offer selected artists the time, space, and facilities needed to develop their professional practice in a supportive environment, while furthering the mission of our studio through projects that focus on social and political issues relevant to Dorset Street and surrounding areas.

Two residencies are available throughout the year. Applications are now open for 2018.
Closing date for applications is Wednesday 31st Jan 2017.

  • Residency 1 : 5th March – 6th June 2018 (3 months), with exhibition* dates 7th – 17th June 2018
  • Residency 2 : 11th June – 12th Sept 2018 (3 months), with exhibition* dates 13th-23rd Sept 2018

*Exhibitions are encouraged but not a necessary outcome of the residency programme.

A4 will select artists that we feel will benefit from the facilities we offer at our studio and who are also in line with our overall mission as an organisation.

Applications will be accepted from artists working in the following disciplines: Social Practice, Social Justice, Social Intervention, Socially Engaged, Dialogical, Participatory, Critical Thinking & Research, Activist, Political, Relational, Community, Collaborative Art or New Genre Public Art.
For more information  and to apply please follow this link to our full brief.

Applications should be submitted via email to

For further information about our studio please follow the links below:

The Studio & Facilities
Our Work
Our Members



Herding Cats – Siobhán Clancy

HERDING CATS.jpgHerding Cats – Siobhán Clancy  |Locale #1
Sun 3rd Dec | 3pm- 6pm | €5


Herding Cats
Herding Cats is a scavenger hunt with a territorial twist. Participants can form teams on the day or take part as solo players. This is a game for grown ups that runs through dusk from A4 Sounds Studio at 3-6pm on Sunday 3rd December 2017.  Hot Chocolate Brandy on arrival and souvenirs for players!

This artwork incorporates ideas that emerged in Playing Potential, a workshop by Sheelagh Broderick and Michael Holly (Art Manoeuvres) facilitated by artist game creator Jamie Harper in March 2017. Proposed by Éilis Murphy, a tabletop version was developed by Siobhán Clancy, Susy FreeLove, Michael Holly and Éilis Murphy, then dramatically explored with other workshop participants. Herding Cats by Siobhán Clancy is supported by A4 Sounds Studio for the 2017 member show Locale #1.

About Siobhán
Siobhán Clancy is a visual artist who collaborates with groups on multimedia and live works relevant to health, disability, education and social justice particularly concerning young people and women in Ireland. Agency and voice are recurring themes in a practice that straddles the fields of art, activism and engaged research.

In 2014, Siobhan completed a Masters in Community Education, Equality and Social Activism at Maynooth University following a BA in Fine Arts at NCAD (2005). Her work has been funded by awards such as the 2015 Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme Research and Development Award managed by Create (The National Development Agency for Collaborative Arts) through which home|work developed to collectively confront censorship and self-censorship through art, action, performance, conversation and camradery.

Siobhán is currently artist-in-residence for the Helium Arts ‘Fireflies’ project at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital with Rachel Tynan where they have been experimenting with games development as a creative health tool in transition experiences.

Facebook: Siobhán Clancy


Where & When?
Sunday 3rd Dec
3pm – 6pm
Starting Point: A4 Sounds Gallery
Adults Only


Players will need to capture photos and video as part of your scavenging tasks so please bring a fully charged phone with memory on your SD cards!