<3 <3 YES EQUALITY <3 <3

Tis a no brainer…..

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Talking in Circles: Community voices discuss equality issues at the heart (and art) of society in Ireland.

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Herding Cats – Siobhán Clancy

Herding Cats is a scavenger hunt with a territorial twist. Participants can form teams on the day or take part as solo players.

Announcing We Only Want the Earth 2020

We are absolutely delighted to announce our 2020 artistic programme ‘We Only Want the Earth’ in partnership with Create, Firestation Artists’ Studios, Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), Movement of Asylum Seekers Ireland (MASI), Migrant and Ethic-Minorities for Reproductive Justice (MERJ), and Dublin Central Housing Action (DCHA).

Chris Hinojosa

Chris Hinojosa’s practice concerns the stage as an opportunity for the suspension of disbelief, the reclamation of space, and fantasy as mechanisms for shifting power dynamics. Recently she has been working primarily with her experience as a Latinx Trans woman, exploring modes of normalizing public conversation around trauma, specifically as it relates to trans identity. Working in photography, vocal performance and audio production, Chris uses the ‘stage’ (sometimes a public site) to allow the body to become greater than it is in isolation, shifting everyday dynamics to allow fantasy to become a personal reality.


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