Wanting the Earth: A Reading Group

Wanting the Earth: A Reading Group

Wanting the Earth is a reading group on the politics of climate change and possible responses to it. In the early weeks of the reading group, there is a particular focus on left-wing arguments for and against the concept of a “Green New Deal”.

The reading group will meet every fortnight in A4 Sounds studios, as part of our We Only Want the Earth programme. The texts for the first nine sessions are given below. The selection of a text does not imply endorsement; many of the selected texts contradict and critique each other. Participants are asked to read each session’s texts in advance.

The discussions of each text will be informal and open to anyone interested; no background knowledge of these topics is required.

Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm
Fortnightly from 25th Feb

Reading Sessions

25th FebSession 1Green New Borders?
10th MarSession 2Green Growth?
24th MarSession 3Green Extractivism?
7th AprSession 4Red Deal
21st AprSession 5 Lithium
5th MaySession 6Common Wealth
19th MaySession 7Climate Leviathan
2nd JunSession 8Thinkin’ Rebellion
16th JunSession 9Whose Rebellion?
30th Jun onwardsContinuesTBD

Session 1 : Green New Borders?

Text 1This is how a Green New Deal could save the planet | Naomi Klein
Text 2Playing With Fire: Securing the Borders of a Green New Deal | Angela Mitropoulos
Text 3Using drones to watch refugees drown exposes the inhumanity of border enforcement | Phil McDuff

Session 2: Green Growth?

Text 1When the Green New Deal Goes Global | Quinn Slobodian
Text 2Limits of the Green New Deal | John McCollum

Session 3: Green Extractivism?

Text 1Plan, Mood, Battlefield – Reflections on the Green New Deal | Thea Riofrancos
Text 2End the “Green” Delusions: Industrial-scale Renewable Energy is Fossil Fuel+ | Alexander Dunlap

Session 4: Red Deal

Text 1A Red Deal | Nick Estes
Text 2What the coup against Evo Morales means to indigenous people like me | Nick Estes

Session 5: Lithium

Text 1Bolivia coup against Morales opens opportunity for multinational mining companies | C.J. Atkins
Text 2Resisting Green Colonialism: Lithium, Bolivia, and the Green New Deal | Daniel Willis
Text 3The spiralling environmental cost of our lithium battery addiction | Amit Katwala

Session 6: Common Wealth

Text 1“Living Together Shouldn’t Put Us at War With One Another or With the Earth” | An Interview with Jedediah Purdy by Alyssa Battistoni
Text2Degrowth: a theory of radical abundance | Jason Hickel

Session 7: Climate Leviathan

Text 1Climate Justice and the Emergence of Planetary Sovereignty | Joel Wainwright & Geoff Mann
Text 2States of Emergency: Imagining a politics for an age of accelerated climate change | Alyssa Battistoni

Session 8: Thinkin’ Rebellion

Text 1Roger Hallam on Extinction Rebellion | Politics Theory Other Podcast
Text 2Dear XR, why not be more honest with your participants? Or, why thinking about social movements actually matters | Laurence Cox

Session 9: Whose Rebellion?

Text 1Stop Asking People of Color to Get Arrested to Protest Climate Change | Tatiana Garavito & Nathan Thanki
Text 2Extinction Rebellion Has a Politics Problem | Erica X Eisen
Text 3Whose extinction, whose rebellion | Richard Seymour


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