The Funeral

The Funeral: Commit to the Earth
Sat 22nd Feb | 7pm – 10pm
Hosted by Spookey Beure: Helen Flanagan & Niamh Beirne

Ring out the bells, take to the streets in your colours! For today we commit to the fire the remains of the wretched tyrant. The tower has fallen, the tyrant’s walls that kept us out are in ruin! And within the cracks in the stone, sprout tiny green shoots. We live again!

During the Wake we declared an end to the domination of oppressive forces over our lives and communities. On the second day of proceedings, we mirthfully burn its corpsed memory and commit to the earth that we will find another way of living. 

The evening will be a celebration of hope, resilIence and finding another way. Featuring; ceremonial fires (a good old pagan burning!), performances from Screamer Shady, Freddie Hoskins, Osaro Azams and more to be confirmed.

Sat 22nd Feb 2020
7pm – 10pm

This event is free but booking is required.
Places are limited to 50 persons.

This event is free, however if you earn a living wage or above, we would ask you to purchase a ticket to help us cover the wages of cultural workers on our programme. Ireland’s Living Wage for 2019 was €12.30 per hour or a yearly salary equivalent of approx €25.2K.

This event will take place in our gallery which is wheelchair accessible.
The gallery is approx 5m walk from the front door.
There is a garden with benches and stool adjacent to the gallery for breaks if needed.
We will have small white stools, some soft furnishings, one sofa and benches. We have a small number of cushions for stools for those who need them. If you require more comfortable seating please let us know and we can let you know what additional options we have available.

Our bathrooms are gender neutral
Our bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible. They are located  on the first floor via a flight of stairs (approx 22 steps) so may also be inaccessible for people with movement impairments.

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