WOLF SPIRIT For Those That Can’t Attend Our Awesome Party

We know some of you would love to come dance and howl with us but your busy, can’t get a babysitter, live in a different town or on the other side of the world, you may even be sick that night. It’s ok though because you can be with us in spirit!!!!

wolf spirit button

But seriously we really need cash to get out of this big scary hole we are in and it would really help us out if those that can bought a ticket for the event. If you have a bit of spare change we’d love it or for those a bit better off we’ll take as much as you want to give!!!

For those that donate 20 euros or more we will post you out a signed A3 Screen-print from one of our artists.

The event itself is July 5th at The Dark Horse Inn, Georges Quay, Dublin 2

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If you can afford to we welcome and greatly appreciate donations via paypal.

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