Sarah Devereux

Sarah Devereux

SarahDevereux6Contact: sarahemail89@gmail.com

Website: www.thedirtbird.bigcartel.com // www.cargocollective.com/sarahdevereux

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About Sarah

Hello! I am a bit of a jack-of-all-trades really but with absolutely no money or proper technical skillz! My main creative routes in no particular order (if you want a particular order please give me 3-5 working days, as I’m highly indecisive, thank you xoxox) would be:

Art-art arty fart-
Using a range of mediums I put things in galleries sometimes. My first solo show, called “Fun-erable” was earlier this year in A4 Sounds Gallery. I have also exhibited in Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Catalyst Arts Centre, Belfast and various group shows in Brooklyn NYC (again I’ll give more detail if you pay me as I don’t have the names of the venues handy right now xoxo) I graduated in 2012 from NCAD with a BA Honors Degree (is that important?) in Fine Art specialising in Media. I had a good time there.
The Dirt Bird- 
The Dirt Bird is the name I go under primarily for the merchandise I design. Ranging from tote bags, prints, colouring books etc. The designs are primarily colourful and humorous, silly and cheesy and also filthy, don’t show your Mammy sort as well! And with just a delicate sprinkling of feminist woe XOXO

Some of the main words used to describe what I create are : 

Tacky,Dirty,Kitschy,Filthy,Cute,Pretty,Ugly,Witty,Pathetic,OMG Gas 
Through merchandise I designed and sold, I managed to raise about €700 for the Repeal Campaign.  
I am the co-creator of “Spicebag”, which is a queer performance night and dance party. It is a magically ridiculous variety show chock full o’ delightful acts from burlesque, drag, comedy, singing, spoken word and we’ve had the occasional wrestling match as well for good measure! I co-host the night,  perform and also design the decor and online content. 
I perform a variety of theatrical comedic characters, ranging from existential youtube yoga instructer Bosco to Nadine the MusiCoyle, and a feisty auld one; Aunty Creep. My performances are littered with songs (although I usually forget the words), aggressive audience participation and suddenly talking like a 1920s news reporter.
Besides Spicebag, I have performed at a variety of performance and comedy nights around Dublin. And also festivals, this summer myself and Stephen performed our acts from Spicebag at Electirc Picnic, with an hour long time slot. I have also performed at Body and Soul, All Together Now and the Vodafone Comedy Festival this summer.
I created a short animation based around the Repeal movement called “A practical guide”, it won joint best short at the Dublin Feminist Film Festival. Pretty cool, for a first timer..just sayin’.
I’ve been a guest on Alison spittles podcast and Green Rebel podcast.
My work/Spicebag has been written about/interviewed  for GCN magazine, Stellar Magazine, Hotpress magazine and the Dubllin Enquirer.
Lisa + Andy wrote this “Sarah Devereux cartwheels over, dances on, and kicks dust at the line separating Art & Life, and this often induces anxiety and fear! Working in a wide range of disciplines including drawing, sculpture, paint, performance and video, her work could be described as extreme honesty dressed up in glitter. Her sculptures and drawings are crude but intelligent, disturbing but endearing, ‘fabulous’ but anxious, and immediate but considered. Her performance work moves between traditional performance art, video art, interventions and cabaret. her work is explicitly political, and often tackles themes of female body autonomy, lack of opportunities caused by the recession, boredom and fear, whilst remaining playful, absurd and accessible.”