Kerry Guinan

cargo2_2xWorker Performing the Gallery, 2015

Kerry Guinan

My practice critiques the neoliberalisation of art through social interventions. Working from within institutions, I use administrative tools such as employment agreements, private sponsorship or state elections to foreground art’s relationshop with the private market. My work is grounded by writing and research on this same topic.



A4 Residency

At A4 Sounds I will be developing an intervention into the upcoming redevelopment of Parnell Square as a Cultural Quarter. Having recently published a paper about the economic motivations of cultural quarters, I will use this residency to manifest this research artistically in an antagonistic work that critiques art’s impact on the housing market.

126 c Kerry Guinan 2014(1).jpg126 © Kerry Guinan, 2014

SONY DSCAn Experiment in Value, 2015





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