Imogen-Blue Hinojosa

Imogen-Blue Hinojosa

Imogen-Blue Hinojosa was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. She holds a BFA in Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University of London. Hinojosa has traveled extensively with her practice including the US, UK, Japan, China, and Scandinavia. Having lived in so many countries, she is constantly reflecting on her home and culture as a Mexican American, which features prominently in her work.

Imogen is the recipient of A4 Sounds’ We Only Want the Earth Residency Award 1.

Instagram: @kameha_mija
Email: Imogenblue.studio@gmail.com

Artist Statement

Hinojosa’s practice concerns the stage as an opportunity for the suspension of disbelief, the reclamation of space, and fantasy as mechanisms for shifting power dynamics. Recently she has been working primarily with her experience as a Latinx Trans woman, exploring modes of normalizing public conversation around trauma, specifically as it relates to trans identity. Working in photography, vocal performance and audio production, Imogen uses the ‘stage’ (sometimes a public site) to allow the body to become greater than it is in isolation, shifting everyday dynamics to allow fantasy to become a personal reality.

Kameha-Mija! Mija (2019) Video, 3.39 minutes

A4 Sounds’ Residency

Statistics show that in 2019 there were around 400 reported murder cases worldwide of trans persons. Hinojosa’s home state of Texas in the US makes up about 33 of those cases, all of which were persons of color. During her residency, Imogen will create a performance installation informed by the Catholic heritage of her family and the current epidemic of trans death in society. The work will aim to draw comparisons between mythic religious iconography and the real, tangible bodies of those whom we have lost in the trans community, creating a fantasy realm which builds new mythologies from the very real experiences of trans women.

I Am Raining. Imogen-Blue Hinojosa (2019) Performance documentation

(Self Portrait),Ya Basta Hijos De Puta. Imogen-Blue Hinojosa (2018) C-Print on perpsex