Emily Mc Gardle

The Recovery, 2016

Emily Mc Gardle

My work is concerned with political imagery and discourse, and the process a person goes through in order to create a political persona: the close consideration of their personal life, appearance, and how they conduct themselves.

Printmaking is a constant feature of my practice which reflects the nature of election ephemera including posters, leaflets, and newsletters. The use of satire is an important element of my practice, allowing me to highlight and exaggerate potential absurdities and ironies in Irish politics in ways which could have the potential to be more accessible and engaging than current political discourse.

Website: www.emilymcgardle.com
Email: emilymcgardle@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EmilyMcGardleArtist
Instagram: www.instagram.com/emmilymcg

Left: The Recovery No. 1, 2016. Right: The Recovery No.7, 2016

About The A4 Residency

During the residency, I intend to continue to develop my most recent body of work which involved large editions of screen prints which featured news and events surrounding the 2016 Irish general election. Printed work produced throughout the residency will focus on political news both significant and seemingly insignificant from the Dublin Central constituency as well as nationwide.

This work will seek to highlight the absurdity of the behaviour of some Irish politicians through the use of satire, it could be said that serious news reporting is often unable to emphasise the sometimes ridiculous nature of political events. Numerous news sources such as Waterford Whispers create fictitious news stories, I aim to present real news stories in such a farcical way that they appear to be made-up, while still being informative.

Left: The Recovery No.10, 2016. Right: The Recovery No.15, 2016


Cuddle Me Cabinet, 2015


The Recovery, 2016


The Recovery Zine

Having previously questioned perceptions of print media with her screen prints in the style of mock newspaper front-pages, for the latest iteration of The Recovery, Emily turned to the the zine format. Partly in response to the significant community archive of independently published zines of the Forgotten Zine Archive at A4 Studios, she created a series of The Recovery zines. The zines will be launched at an event at the A4 Sounds Gallery  on Friday 10th February which, will also feature a curated selection of political zines from the Forgotten Zine Archive, as well as a hands-on zine-making workshop facilitated by Emily McGardle and Tom Maher of the Forgotten Zine Archive on Saturday 11th February, from 12 -5pm.


More information on the event can be found here.
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