CATU – The Community Action Tenants Union of Ireland | Planning Meeting

Over the next 4 weeks CATU are calling for members to join and launch a local organising group in the Dorset Street and Mountjoy Square Area of Dublin’s North-Inner City. We invite local residents to our first public meeting at A4 Sounds.

Over the 4 weeks interested residents will meet, organise, and plan a launch event which will take place Sat 29th Feb. All residents and people interested in the area are welcome to join. Please invite friends, neighbours and family. The planning meeting is a great chance to find out and shape our plans for the area, a chance to met fellow tenants and community members & a chance to raise any issues that we are having in the area.

Other ways to get involved

If you can’t make the meeting but would still like to be involved:

By joining CATU you are taking an opportunity to join a movement that fights for your friends, family, neighbours, and fellow members. In joining the union you are taking on the responsibility to struggle and care for those around you.

Join us doorknocking:
Every Wednesday 6pm
Every Saturday 1pm
La Pausa Cafe, Blessington St.

About Community Action Tenants Union Ireland:

CATU Ireland is a community based union for tenants, including people living in emergency & precarious accommodation, and mortgage holders.

The idea of CATU is simple – a union for people outside their workplaces. We wanted to take the basic ideas of membership, collective direct action, and grassroots democracy from where people work to where they live.

We hear every day of the economic issues plaguing people across this island: sky-rocketing rents, stagnant wages, slashed public services, and an enclosure of our public spaces. Most of us have lived through this.

We think that the only way to beat who’s behind this – the landlords, banks, companies and politicians – is to get organised ourselves, and not just on an individual basis. We strongly believe that real power lies in the hands of ordinary people – tenants and workers who supply the livelihood for these profiteers – and change can only come when we act together.

Our vision is of an organisation in cities and towns across this island, uniting tenants in a coordinated struggle on issues we all share. And we want to win.

Further info:
This action is a part of our We Only Want the Earth: Launch Series.
FFor more informationa bout our programme please visit: We Only Want the Earth 2020