We Only Want The Earth | Residency 1 Application Form

If applying from outside Ireland, please state the country you are based in.
Please tell us about yourself. Maximum 1200 characters (approx. 200 words)
Describe your work, mention recent achievements and give a general overview of your main interests and ambitions as an artist, relevant to your proposal. Maximum 1800 characters (approx 300 words).
What topic(s) do you want to explore? What do you want to do and how do you plan to do it? Maximum 1800 characters (approx 300 words).
Please tell us why the residency interests you, why you think your proposal fits the We Only Want the Earth programme, what your artistic goals and ambitions are, and why you believe the residency will contribute to the development of your arts practice. This is the place to put any other information you consider relevant. Maximum 2400 characters (approx 400 words).
Please specify any commitments you have to other work, residencies, exhibitions/performances, conferences, research/education during the period of the residency (January-April 2020)
On the next page, please provide up to 5 examples of previous work.