We Only Haunt the Earth


Take the second exit off the information superhighway, down an old digital road. You’ve come to the dark corner of an online cul-de-sac, to the spookiest virtual house in the electronic neighbourhood, where little internet kids dare each other to cyber-knick-knack on hallows eve…

Welcome wanderers to our haunted house of horror.

A4 Sounds is hosting a haunted house party this halloween. Join us on zoom and explore the various rooms. What will you find in the attic? Is it an old ouija board? Dance to spooky chunes in our living room. Or make new friends in the quiet queue for the jax. Pop into the closet for a one on one tarot reading or partake in some spooky games.

Sat 31st Oct | 9pm – 2:30am
Multiroom Zoom Haunted Halloween House Party On ZOOOOOOOOOM

We have a tiered ticket system for this event, please select the tier which best describes you.
All ticket proceeds go directly to the artists and performers. If you can afford to pay a bit more please do, and we will in turn pay the artists a bit more for their time.

Tier 1My wallet is haunted€7.00
Tier 2My wage is haunted€12.00
Tier 3I got my wage exorcised.€20.00

There will be a prize for best dressed so look your spookiest!

We will forward an invitation pack prior to the party but key items include:


Your invitation pack will include instructions for the night, a full list of items to bring along, downloadable backgrounds for each room, and some drinks recipes.


The Entrance
You will enter here and be greeted by our host.

The Kitchen
Head here for cocktail hour when you arrive. Over the course of the evening we’ll have Scaryaoke, Turnip Carving Competition and Best Dressed Competition. We will have A4 goodie bags for the winners which we will post out. Of course the classic kitchen table chats will be happening all night here too.

The Living Room
The DANCE FLOOR, pick a room in your house and move the furniture out of the way to make room for some bopping with other guests. There will be a dance competition with prizes for the winner!

DJS for the night:
Cathy Flynn – Getting Away With It – DDR Resident
Ball Hell – Pint Baby – DDR Resident
Maeve Bros – One half of Snake Rider and Ghost Eyes (the other half is on Scaryaoke!)

The Attic
Spooky Beure will be in the attic with disturbing ghost stories and divination games.
There will be some special guest performances including Miss Devereux aka The Dirt Bird and a live stream by renowned Gorey Ghost Getters: The Gorey Ghost Getters. They’ll be taking us on an excursion at midnight and giving us some insight into the night to night of modern day ghost hunting .

The Parlour
Mystery Games!

The Bedroom
This room will be locked all night cos we don’t trust you to behave.

The Closet
Tarot readings.

The Toilet Queue
Insert yourself into other’s conversations.
Make new best fronds.

The Smoking Area
For smoking.
Deep & Meaningful Conversations.
Making new best fronds
Get sick or cry.
You do you.

This is an inclusive and safe (although haunted) house party. Treat your fellow party goers with the same respect you would wish upon yourself.*
No Smoking outside of the smoking area.
No drinks on the dancefloor, we just got the carpets cleaned.
No riding in the toilet. We only have one loo and we have a lot of guests attending.

Everything else goes.

*No sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia or transphobia or general rubbish behaviour will be tolerated. You will be removed immediately from the party if you engage in such behaviour.