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Thomas Noone is an illustrator, graphic artist, writer and radical educator playing within the fields of social, political, economic and environmental issues. Defining himself as non-localised, his passion artworks are coined as progressive themes that aim for social, environmental and human betterment by inspiring others. As a practice based researcher, Thomas’s primary interests are transformative art and education through socially engaged art practice, while his intent is to enlighten individuals to be conscious about the biggest societal and cultural challenges that humanity currently faces, and will face in the future. He pledges to encourage creative thinking and critical engagement in his research ventures of planet, life and humanity, as all participating individuals will be tasked with noting and illustrating their feelings and opinions on the featured issues, as well as providing creative solutions. In essence, what he is setting out to achieve is to educate people about contemporary issues in a creative, active and experiential setting.

Throughout his learning cycle, Thomas has always been heavily engaged with traditional and modern art, although the fundamental purpose of his story thus far is to continue on a path of personal growth and exploration, with my ongoing practice high points being presented on a number of exhibition platforms. Some exhibitions include; S.E.E (Stop Economic Exploitation) was presented at Dundalk Institute of Technology (2016), this was a multimedia awareness project aiming to change how people perceive the socio-economic system in which we live. S.E.E was focused on the examination of money and its pivotal role in paralyzing our society’s potential for evolution. The audio/visual interactive installation followed a three stage methodology model; stop, think, and change. At the same location in 2017, Realign was exhibited as a practice based research project aimed at tackling stigma in Irish media, specifically the stigma surrounding schizophrenia. The project, which consists of three stages; educate, raise awareness and destigmatise, which presents schizophrenia in an informed and creative way (check out the work of Realign Thomas’s foremost focus with any art form will ultimately always be directed towards creating artwork which matters to others, ‘artwork’ that illustrates a difference in despair driven areas, that results in the growing need of conscious human empathy by the changing of perceptions and outlooks; to him this is art and education.

In 2017, Thomas was a participant of the Erasmus+ training course “The Danger of a Single Story’. “The Danger of a Single Story” combines stories, media, global education and active citizenship to empower trainers, artists, educators, youth workers and give them better tools to do their work in the fast changing times, objectively reflecting on elements such as violence, extremism, racism, intolerance, tools to improve society and the life of individuals, refugee crisis and environmental struggles. Meanwhile, Thomas is involved with Irelands Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) advocate collective. This training course will allow the advocates to deepen their understanding of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, represent the project internationally and lead transformative change in Ireland (more information can be found here). Thomas aspires to work in an area of genuine passion and interest to be an honour. One highlighted career objective and vision would be to create and maintain a successful in-house educational art studio and gallery.