Study Visit to the Liverpool Biennal

16 – 17 OCT 12  STUDY VISIT ON CULTURAL RIGHTS   Liverpool Biennal

“The Task Force on the Child and Family Support Agency reported that Irish children and
families have established rights and entitlements in the spheres of arts and culture….
(2012, p.25).”

The study visit to Liverpool Biennial involved a group of 10 community arts activists who are interested in re-thinking community art work focused on cultural rights. The visit was about finding evidence of cultural rights work in practice. Over the two days A4er Lisa Crowne accompanied artists and community workers from Blue Drum  on site visits to some of Liverpool Biennial’s main projects with communities.

Our interest was that cultural rights that can

  • preserve the culture and rituals of families and communities;
  • use the cultural resources of their community as they see fit;
  • access art and creative technologies and cultural knowledge;
  • participate in the means of expression, including in the media.

Our inquiry was that local cultural expression gets

  • respected (and not) in specific instances and what people do to value it;
  • connected to wider community experiences and struggles/memories/traumas

Here is a list of some of the projects we looked at

2 Up 2 Down

Meeting with artist and activist David Jacques and discussion about regeneration.

Thomas Hirschorn drift topography

Yael Bartana “king of the hill’

Visit to Susanne Lacy and her documentary ‘storying rape’ in the Cunard Building

Watch John Akomfrah’s the unfinished conversation in bluecoat arts centre (approx 1 hour)

Makhacheva’s topology of masculinity (a three video installation) in LJMU copperas hill building