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A4 Arts Studio & Community Education Centre

The A4 Arts Studio is home to over 60 artists working in a wide range of disciplines including; Fine Art, Design, Research, Education, Animation, Electronics, Performance and Writing. We have designed our studio as a shared workspace with a focus on providing a wide range of facilities, including screen-printing, electronics area, workshop and darkroom. The open plan and shared nature of the studio facilities engagement, collaboration and informal skill sharing between members. Alongside this we also programme workshops and courses throughout the year, pulling in the wide range of skills under our roof.

The First Floor


The Blue Room: is a large open planned shared workspace with A3 and A4 printing and scanning facilities, monitors, lightboxes, electronics area and other shared tools and materials


The Library Room: is a quiet room with desks and sofas which can be used for research, small workshops, meetings, as well as for members to use daily for their own work. The room has a collection of art books and hosts The Forgotten Zine archive; a collection of thousands of zines from all over the world from the past 4 decades. The room is equipped with its own A3 scanner.


The Office Studio: this room is split in 2 with shared workspace for members and the A4 office.


The Green Room: is a large project room is for textiles and screen-printing. Members can store their screens and ink here for use and A4 provides all other materials needed for print runs including squeegees, heat gun, newsprint and clamps. This room is also equipped with a sewing machine, other types of print equipment and some shared materials for experimenting with textiles. Members are also free to use the room to collaborate or spread out and work on larger projects across our large workbench.

Darkroom red 1

The Photography Darkroom: is equipped for colour and black and white photography. Members receive free training for the darkroom from our Darkroom Manager when requested.


3 Private Studios: these studios are home to 12 artists who have their own personal workspaces.


Kitchen: we have a large kitchen area for members to store and prepare their food. The kitchen is equipped with breakfast bar, 3 fridges and 1 freezer, kettle, coffee machine, toaster and microwave. A4 also supply basics like tea and coffee.

Washrooms: we have 2 non-gendered bathrooms, one of which is equipped with a large wash-unit for cleaning screens and other messy work taking place upstairs

Lockers: there are a number of lockers for members to avail of for the storage of materials and equipment when not in use on the studio floor

Additional Equipment: throughout the studio we have a lot of shared equipment for members to play with and test ideas, including; super 8 camera and projector, slide projector, overhead projector, number of analogue T.Vs and computer monitors, digital projectors, lighting kits and photography backdrops, green screen, tripods, sound recording devices, VHS/digital editing suite, microphones, mixer, speakers, projector screens, easels, portable lightboxes and larger fixed lightboxes.


Ground Floor


The Workshop: a fully equipped shared workspace for messy and large scale works. We have a number of shared tools which we are always adding to, lots of shared materials for members to avail of to test ideas, 2 large workbenches, 3 smaller workbenches and 2 private workspaces.

The Wet Area: at the back of the workshop we have our wet area, this area currently contains our darkroom for coating and exposing screen for screen-printing. Under construction and to be completed by the summer of 2016 is, our large wash-unit for printing, installation of a washing machine and cooker, covering our large workbench with stainless steel for textile work and the installation of our spray-booth.

Large Lockers: members can avail of these lockers for the storage of materials and equipment when not in use on the studio floor.


The Gallery and Event Space: a large room used to host a wide range of events including; exhibitions, talks, meetings, workshops, film screenings, theatre and comedy nights, barbecues and music events.


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