Sarah Flynn

Sarah Flynn

SarahFlynn1Contact: sorchanifhloinn@yahoo.ie

Website: www.sarahflynn.ie


About Sarah

Sarah Flynn is a conceptual documentary artist with an interest in the urgent ecological issues of our time. Though primarily using photography she also works with text, video and sound. Her work draws from the documentary photography tradition alongside contemporary forms of representation. The visual strategies and aesthetics she adopts are always subject to the requirements of the current project; so concept and appearance are inextricably intertwined and hold equal status in the reading of her images.

Her practice interrogates traditional notions of documentary photography, exploring the complex nature of photographic representation. It addresses such urgent issues as the devastating, yet under-acknowledged, ecological impact of monoculture forestry and agriculture. Flynn is particularly concerned by photography’s assumed relationship with the ‘real’ and the role that the medium plays in the construction of the picturesque.

Part documentary, part political statement, Flynn’s work is a call to arms, incorporating visual and textual documentation raising questions about ecocide and environmental ethics that have largely been overlooked in Irish art and across Irish society. She seeks to foster in her audience an understanding of and an engagement with environmental concerns. Her work is motivated by the power of art to move and convince an audience in ways that purely scientific knowledge cannot.