River Champion

River Champion

RiverChampion3Contact: heartofabuddha123@gmail.com

Website: http://riverchampion.wordpress.com/


About River

River Champion is a genderpunk and a provocateur. Using their words, their body, or whatever paint or objects they can find they are gonna screw with your concept of art and gender. They make political statements with their art, whether that be about the state of mental health in our society or about the cause of intersectionality, they seamlessly blend the personal and the political.
Working primarily in inks, street art, performance poetry and mixed media on canvas in the past year they have made an impact as a genderqueer model and an event organiser. Recent exhibitions have included “kitchen portraits; representing the impact of homelessness on gender minorities” and “body | battleground; bodily autonomy beyond the 8th amendment”.
River has performed in the UK and Ireland and will be soon performing their recently devised piece “cursd 2; never grow up” internationally at queer art festivals.