Pauliina Jokinen



Contact: pauliinajoki@gmail.com

pauliina jokinen likes to put googly eyes on inanimate objects and then take photos of them. she also works as a video editor in a community television channel, neartv, in north dublin.

through her work in community media over the past two years, pauliina is used to working with different types of community groups and training new volunteers in camera, sound and editing. she has worked on several broadcasting authority of ireland -funded projects, including a 4-part tv-series “control yourself” with a group of teenagers as a facilitator as well as editor, and as edit supervisor and vision mixer for a live 3-hour broadcast from dublin’s culture night 2012.

she also makes music videos using stop-motion and quotes cute soft toys, robots and samurai jack as her inspiration. pauliina occasionally takes photos at gigs in dublin, likes xlr cables and suffers from an aversion to capital letters.