James Moran


James Moran has carved out an hilarious and imaginative storytelling voice. Surreal digressions, ironic puns, pop culture moments, and the strangest epiphanies are all hung onto his stories in a type of storytelling buckaroo that only a teller as intelligent and talented as James could pull off. A lot of thought and care are put into utterly beguiling stories that seem effortless
-Tom Rowley, Storymap.ie

A long-time Milk and Cookie Stories favourite, James Moran is currently taking the Dublin comedy scene by storm with his surreal storytelling style
-Milk and Cookies Stories

I know James’ work really well and to be honest I think he’s a bit of a genius.
-Shane Langan, The Walshes, Diet of Worms

I was delighted to have James Moran here at The O’Reilly Theatre. He was thoroughly entertaining and smart. I would have him back anytime and I’m hard to please!
-Laura McNaughton, Director, O’Reilly Theatre, Dublin.

Recordings/Written Word

20th February 2016Fundraiser for Dunkirk Refugees
18th October 2015 at Words with Teeth, Lingo Festival
November 2014 James and Stephane on Culture File talked about Atom Tick
19th August 2014 at the launch of the Runt zine
12th October 2012 at Ned’s Comedy Club
11th July 2011 at Bang Bang Forty Coats as part of 10 Days in Dublin

Written Word
Notes for a Dinner Party – the Bohemyth

Selected Live Performances
Comedy Benefit for the Dunkirk Refugee Camp 20 February 16
This Is Public and Sexy – St. Andrew’s Community Centre 6/Feb/16
Words with Teeth, Lingo Fest – Workman’s Club 18/10/15
Sunday Morning Come Down, Mindfield – Electric Picnic. 4-6/09/15
The Runt Flies At Dusk – Workman’s Club. 19/08/15
6th of August: Foaming at the Mouth @Mezrab, Amsterdam
4th of July 2015: Free Ireland launch party @Barricade Inn
20th of June: PettyCash: Coming UP @Body and Soul
6/06.2014: Mythfest @Trinity College Dublin
31/05/2015: A-Musing @Accents Cafe
28/05/2015: The Lestrygonian Sessions @Red Bank 1763 Wine Bar
Endless Rain: The Best of the Very Worst of Fan Fiction – Dublin – May 2015
Literary Death Match – Dublin – May 2015
The Existence Of Flamethrowers On Your Street, exhibition by Catalyst Arts – Galway – April 2015
Bright Club – Dublin – April 2015
Endless Rain in association with Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Libraries – Dublin – February 2015
National Campaign for the Arts Fundraiser – Dublin – February 2015
Trinity Arts Festival – Dublin – February 2013, 2014, 2015
Hunt and Gather Christmas Dinner Party – Dublin – December 2013, 2014
Quarter Festival – Cork – October 2014
MEDS 2014 – Dublin – August 2014
Body and Soul – Festival Westmeath – 2013, 2014
TCD Mythfest – Dublin – June 2014
Arrow Arrow – Offaly – June 2014
MURO Mini-Fest – Dublin – February 2014
The Hare (as part of the The Workers Cafe installation in TBG+S) – Dublin – October 2013
Sweatbox – Dublin – July 2013
Milk and Cookies Secret Garden Festival – Kildare – 2011, 2012, 2013
Death of Comedy – Dublin – June 2012
Bang Bang Forty Coats (as part of Ten Days in Dublin) – Dublin – July 2011

Featured In
Flemish Proverbs Short play written by Isadora Epstein and Moira Brady Averill. Performed in Luncheonette, NCAD September 2015
A Simultaneous Poem: A short performance as part of the Centre for Dying On Stage, an exhibition series curated by Kate Strain at Project Arts Centre, 2014
The Golem: A silent musical play written, directed and scored by Tom Morris. Produced by Black Mass Productions. Performed at D-Lite Studios, 2014

Recent Projects
Atom Tick: Experimental Comedy show written and produced by James Moran and Stephane Bena Hanly. Performed in Pallas Studios, 2014
Bluebottle Presents: Four part series of interdisciplinary performance events run in conjuection with the Bluebottle Collective. Hosted in Hendrons Collider, 2013-2014

Contributes Towards, On Occasion,
PettyCash: Spoken word/performance collective
Meat Scandal: Interdisciplinary performance event
Peanut Gallery: Comedy night
Monday Echo: Poetry/music event
Endless Rain: Poetry/spoken word/music event
Wondefulgood: Online music platform
Hunt&Gather: Event organiser
Milk & Cookies Stories: Storytelling event
Slam Sunday: Slam poetry competition


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