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“They also have an unusually strong sense of social purpose, with many engaged in community arts schemes while developing new modes of arts access and education” 

Ian Maleney, The Irish Times, 19th Aug 2014





Culturefox TV
16th Oct 2016

Video Feature
A4 Sounds members Andrew Edgar, Kate McElroy and Paper Panther Productions
Directed by Niamh Gibbons, Art in Ireland





Tues 23rd Sept 2014

Article by Kate Knibbs
How to Make a Soft Robot


Engineers are pioneering the use of soft robotics for assisting in a wide variety of tasks such as physical therapy, minimally invasive surgery, and search-and-rescue operations in dangerous environments.

The Indian Times
Economic Times
Sat 20th Sept 2014

Article – IANS
Interested in soft robotics? Download this toolkit


China Topix
Sat 20th Sept 2014

Article by Marc Maligalig
Soft Robotics ‘Toolkit’ Provides Essentials for Engineering Robots


copyright_shepherd_2Odisha Sun Times
Sat 20th Sept 2014

Article – IANS
Now online toolkit for soft robotics



You Can Now Built Your Own Indestructible Soft Robot [Video]Auto Evolution
Fri 19th Sept 2014

Article by Ionut Ungureanu
You can now build your own indestructible soft robot

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences News 
Fri 19th Sept 2014

Article by Paul Karoff
Soft robotics ‘toolkit’ features everything a robot-maker needs


republished in The Harvard Gazette 19th Sept 2014
epublished in Red Orbit 22nd Sept 2014


blk++Cork+Culture++Wilkins007The Irish Times
Culture Section
Wed 17th Sept 2014

Article by Aoife Valentine
Culture Night 2014: Our pick of the best
Featured Artist – Darragh Wilkins







blk++Cork+Culture++Wilkins007Cork City Council TV
Live Stream at Cork City Hall Atrium
12th – 19th Sept 2014

TV Broadcast
Featured Artist – Darragh Wilkins








Irish Central
Thurs 11th Sept 2014

Article by Liz Meaney
Cork’s cultural insight: culture night 2014
Featured Artist – Darragh Wilkins



irishtimes words2The Irish Times
Culture Section
Tues 19th August 2014

Article by Ian Maleney
Space Invaders Dublin Art Collectives



a4 sounds generatior tv showGenerator Tv Show
Season 2 Episode 4
Aired 23rd July 2014 on Dublin Community Television

Featured Artist Studio – Interview with Lisa Crowne & Matt Hedigan




a4 sounds matt on generator tv

Generator Tv Show
Season 1 Episode 6
Aired 6th October 2013 on Dublin Community Television

Featured Artist – Interview with Matt Hedigan
Featured Exhibition – 100 Portraits of Varying Degrees of Success by Matt Hedigan




a4 sounds in visual artists ireland

The Visual Artists’ News Sheet
Issue 6
Nov-Dec 2009

Exhibition Profile – Capitalyst Arts 
James Hepburn – The Art Of Capitalism