María del Buey

María del Buey

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Artist Biography

I am an artist and researcher based in Dublin. 

My work focuses on the creation of speculative spaces  – textual, sonic, or visual spaces – from where to imagine new spatial agencies, or orientation techniques. 

As a foreign and displaced element to the city of Dublin, my art practice attempts to go unnoticed within its landscapes, avoiding stepping out from the background. Based on the belief that the space – urban space, everyday space, academic space, emotional space – is the basic condition to any kind of agency – individual agency, social agency, artistic agency, political agency – soon my work started to encapsulate a dichotomy between what happens inside the studio, and what could be found beyond it. The space was the place where to look at, and the studio became the place where to think about what to do with what was found outside there, resumed in the exercise of some documentation techniques. With them, I attempt to grasp from the outside space anything that seemed a clue to decipher it, as if an objective knowledge could be derived from these ultimately personal approaches to the strange.