Kevin Gaynor

Kevin Gaynor

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Artist Biography

Kevin Gaynor is an Irish Artist that uses sculpture, installation, and video to collapse geography and connect social ideologies. He completed his BA in Fine Art Sculpture at the National College of Art and Design, and studied Cinematography at BCFE.

Kevin’s work consists of sculpture, installation and video to physicalise and collapse geography. With a focus on the conflict between current and forming power structures, he uses his practice to physicalise these encounters, and mirror the results that spill-out. Exercising a fundamental and tactile approach to globalisation, he highlights the contortions of centralised systems of power and their manufacturing of geographic class. Using these perspectives on national identity and class, Kevin connects and transports States to create moments of global contact. His work was included in the European Union project “In Public in Particular”, which culminated in multiple exhibitions held over three European Cities.

Kevin’s work has been exhibited around the world and was selected as part of the Royal Dublin Society’s Visual Art Awards, the Global UA Awards, the Engage Emerging Artist Award, and the 126 Gallery Award.