Kate McElroy

Kate McElroy is a contemporary artist currently based in Dublin City. She is a member of A4 sounds studios and a member of ‘Occupy space’ artist collective. Her work encompasses a range of mediums including video, photography, ceramic, drawing and mixed media.

Artist statement
My work explores the idea of personal growth and an endeavour towards the spiritual and a more orderly lifestyle. However the chaotic always seems to seep in. There is an attraction towards the disorder in that it provides excitement and spontaneity. My work in a way reflects the dichotomy of harmony and chaos that pervades through my life and echo’s extreme highs and lows. There is a tension always in the work as there is a struggle against this disorder. Entropy refers to a principal that everything in the universe eventually moves towards to disorder. However one can try to act against entropy in a bid towards harmony and higher order and my work is grounded in the belief held by psychologists such as Jung that it is a human beings innate desire to grow and try and reach their potential.My work explores the tension that arises between these conflicting forces that are battle in one’s self. It looks at tension cycles at different stages from the very controlled to liberation. It examines the constant efforts for balance between control and release.

The way of working is very intuitive and direct and the mediums are chosen for their direct physical and cathartic properties.

Kate is currently a member of the Artist collective ‘Occupy Space’ to track their workings see the tumblr site: http://weoccupyspace.tumblr.com/