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Sara Serpilli

Contact: sara.serpilli@gmail.com

Website: www.saraserpilli.wixsite.com/serpilli-photography

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About Sara

My name is Sara Serpilli and I am an Italian Photographer/Illustrator currently leaving in Dublin. I studied in France, Paris where I obtained a Master Degree in Photography….after 7 years of baguettes I decided to take a temporary break and I moved to Ireland. The temporary break became a permanent stay…. As a photographer I did weddings, I worked over 3 years in tourist sites in Paris and I was teaching photography for beginners for french speakers, as Illustrator I use mainly water colour and ink. I am currently working on a series of drawing where I dig into psychology and symbols that belongs to my personal story as woman …and beside I start a series called “Magdalene Art” where I create sort of visual jokes about Ireland, sex, and everything pop up to my attention.