Jason Kearney

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Contact: jasonkearney@gmail.com

Jason Kearney’s work deals primarily with social and economic issues with the use of image and text through the medium of photography. He also firmly situates himself in the realm of contemporary collage.

When working with collage, he gathers imagery from varied sources, both online and in print – Russian Constructivist posters, American 1930’s advertisements, retro postcards, 15th century Japanese paintings, medieval art … any isolated part from other artist’s works that catches his eye, he brings these to new life. From there he seeks to build a narrative within a three dimensional plane, to construct a surreal world in which the viewer can step into.

In addition to repurposing other artists material that spans centuries, he has recently begun using his own photography to create geometric digital collages.

We're not leaving 72ppi

We’re Not Leaving, Commission for rabble (2013)


Guarded Confines & Bound by Labour from Cause And Effect (2014)

Pro-Choice, public art piece (2012)