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About Jason

Jason Kearney is a multidisciplinary artist based in Dublin. His current practice focuses on the therapeutic mechanisms at play in the process of art-making. Subsequent to completing an Art Therapy course in 2016, his aim shifted from a digital output towards a more tactile approach. Leaning towards expressionism, his paintings and drawings seek to speak when words fail. In constant dialogue with the medium, Kearney wrestles with the themes of vulnerability, loss and isolation; all under the auspice of seeking to stabilise his mental health.
In the past his practice dealt primarily with social and economic issues with the use of image and text through the medium of photography. From that he progressed to a body of work based on digital collage, one of which, an album cover for IMLE, got nominated for Best Album Art at the 2018 Gradaim Cheoil NÓS.


Guarded Confines & Bound by Labour from Cause And Effect (2014)

Pro-Choice, public art piece (2012)