Hi All

Thank you to everyone that came along to today’s info session. For anyone that couldn’t make it and is interested in proposing an idea: some further info is below based on the questions that were asked today.

1. Questions/Queries
At any point between now and 10th August if anyone has any questions or queries you can get in touch with us via hello@a4sounds.org or kate@a4sounds.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that between Wed 4th and Sat 7th we will be away as a team so we might not be able to respond straight away, but before and after then we are available to you.
Forum Area for exchange here: https://a4sounds.org/groups/studio-exchange-a4-sounds-sample-studios-engage-artist-studios-1832406774/forum/
Online Discussion for brief here:

2. Collaborative Proposals
We were asked if collaborative proposals were possible and if anyone would be interested in coming up with an idea together.

Yes, collaborations are very welcome but we are aware of the short turn around so keep that in mind. For those that would be interested in talking to members of all three studios about a possible collaboration:

Sign up to our forum here:
https://a4sounds.org/studio-exchange-programme-form/ and we will add you straight away. We feel this might be the easiest way to put people together so they are not dependent on us to facilitate.

Discussion area herehttps://a4sounds.org/forums/discussion/in-cahoots-with-the-earth-collaboration-ideas-discussion/

For those who are new to the forum we have a useful guide here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IJJaM0RJgrJYwiACs69FdnjklGjmoNsWplQHT79xpEA/edit#

3. Definitions – The Earth means everything!
During the session we discussed the meaning of ‘In Cahoots’ ‘Earth’ and ‘Bold’
You can respond to this brief in big ways or small and personal ways. You do you!
We encourage you to look up the different meanings of the words on the brief yourselves, this might help you generate ideas.

Some examples here:

4. Your Labour & The Fee – Be Mindful
As mentioned to everyone today the fee is not huge so be mindful of your own labour and time when proposing an idea.  We do not expect large time consuming pieces of work for this fee. 
We would recommend asking yourself: Is this a work that pre-exists? Would you be making it as part of an ongoing body of work regardless of this exhibition? Will it benefit your longer term goals?
For example: A living wage in Ireland is €12:30 per hour. You could propose a piece of work that will take you up to 12 hours to make and requires no additional materials. 

I may have forgotten a few things, so do get in touch if there is anything you are wondering about.

We are really looking forward to reading your proposals!