Give them a go of your pro-choice faces

Them being Ciara Kennedy and Angela Nagle who have been working on a video to get Irish celebrities to come out as pro-choice. Now they want you, us to get involved.

Send your pro-choice face to iwanttobeinyourvideo at gmail dot com.  Make sure they are high res. Our suggestion is 17cm x 17cm 300dpi or if using a webcam or  camera that min height is 1080px as the dpi of your photo will be much lower (72dpi)

Here is one of ours


Or you can send them a GIF!


Here is some info from their Facebook post:

“… So far we have gotten a fair few, people definitely more recognizable than the celebs on TV3s celebrity Come Dine With Me. 

Why I am creating this event now is what we are looking to do now is to get artists and norms involved as well! We are going to build a website and have a gallery of images of people with the words “I’m pro-choice” on the image. They can be photographs, drawings or mixture between both but should be of decent size so I can add to the video, which is 16:9 and HD. The aim of the video is to get people talking about being pro-choice and removing the stigma that is often attached to the words.

We started making this video before the terrible events surrounding the death of Savita Halappanavar but her passing has created an urgency around the topic. We want to keep the conversation about choice happening despite the rejection of Clare Daly’s bill. We are hoping to launch the video in January along with some action in colleges around the country so if you were interested in taking part I would like the images as soon as possible, ideally by the 14th of December. They can be as complex or simple as you like, .jpeg or .gif, a fancy sign or MS Paint scrawl! It’s really a case of the more the better! We would love them to have some humour and colour, I have read things in the press about people wanting to separate themselves from the extremists on both sides of the abortion debate, we want to show that we are not mad zealots, we are nice and in the majority and we want action.If you have any questions email iwanttobeinyourvideo at gmail dot com Please send this on to anyone else you know who might be interested. Also if you know anyone famous and pro-choice send them my way!”


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