Garreth Joyce

Garreth Joyce

Contact: g.w.joyce@gmail.com

Website: www.gwjoyce.com

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Artist Biography

Garreth Joyce (b.1980, Cork like) is a Graphic Artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Garreth utilises his background in design, illustration and photography to create his work. Using metaphor and symbol in a collaged style, unrelated images are juxtaposed with one another to create new meaning and unexpected results. Although unrelated, the images often flow together pictorially.

Garreth collects ready made elements, torn billboards/posters, textures and other visual pieces from the the urban environment and collages them 
with his own illustrated elements to create his work.

Garreth has a process of translating his art to large scale murals using multi-layered hand cut stencils and mark making. He has developed art works and murals for various community projects, commissions and brands.

Garreth graduated from LSAD in 2002 with a BA in Graphic Design, he has since exhibited in the the Library Project, Temple Bar, 2019; European Month of Photography, Umgebungen Berlin; Waterford Walls 2018, Grey Area I, Grey Area II, the Point Square, Dublin 2018 and EV+A, Limerick 2002. Garreth has worked on many community projects including; Gale Taca Cork, Re-Imagine Cork, Dublin Canvas, Peoples Republic of Cork, Liberties scheme Dublin 8 and ICCL Repeal Campaign.