Fran Hartnett




Contact: franhartnett at gmail dot com

Multimedia artist whose work ranges from drawing and mixed media painting to immersive audio-visual installations.

Current projects include:
Series of encaustic (oil and wax) paintings which explore relationships between organism and math, referencing natural textures such as leaves and rocks, natural formations such as that of clouds and nebulae, and the man-made virtual objects found in wireframe 3D geometry.

Regular live electronic music performances (an active player – DJ and live act – in the Irish electronic music scene for the past 15 years), which, aside from their own primary functions as live musical entertainment, are in preparation for the future inclusion of digital visual media into the performance, to effect a new approach to the AV format, allowing an artistic fusion of advanced sound experimentation, and rich visual imagery.

Preparation of the visual elements needed (video, still images, animation, hardware configuration and integration) to realize this project.