Daniel Brennan

Danny Brennan

Contact: danny.arranges.letters@gmail.com

Artist Biography

Danny Brennan is a writer, organiser & collaborative artist working across disciplines including film, radio, theatre and participatory art . Danny dreams through archives working with spectres of the past and future. Danny experiments with methodologies for collaborative storytelling in order to begin to build a new world in the shell of the old.

Danny has  been an A4 sounds studio member since 2015 and during that time has created a number of narrative and non narrative film works as well as participatory theatre events in collaborations with Spooky Beore collective and member of the Just City Collective. 

Danny is currently working on two collaborative book projects with young people in North Cork and doing a MFA in Creative Writing in the University of Limerick.

Selected Video Work:

Halfway to Falling 2021 Exhibition – The World that is Dreamt / We Make 


Selected Works:

Field Notes III -Listening in the Cracks 

As Daniel Brennan (2021) notes in ‘Listening in the Cracks’, a beautifully crafted elicitation of the collective wisdom shaping one of the 2020 MÁK Challenge groups (see insert I), these ‘[s]paces need… to be long-lasting so people [can] build trust between each other, like rhizomes and roots – communities and trees take time’. Dr Ailbhe Murphy, Director, Create, and Dr Áine O’Brien, Curator of Learning and Research and Cofounder, Counterpoints Arts 

(See page 25)

Image from workshops 2021 facilitated by Danny Brennan and Francesca Hutchinson – part of Our Lives Our Voices project with Kids’ Own Publishing and Traveller Visibility Group in Cork City – This 12 week workshop will result in two books made by the young people and facilitated by Danny and Francesca. More info: https://kidsown.ie/projects/our-lives-our-voices/

HalfWay to Falling 2021 exhibition led by Kate O’Shea Ceramic. Steel work by Aideen Farrell as part of HALFWAY TO FALLING installation at Studio 468 with filmwork by Danny Brennan which includes footage of SPARE ROOM Art Architecture Activism (2019).

In Cahoots 2021 – Home Sick / And I Want to Leave Home by Fiona Burke and Danny Brennan. Short film about returning from another planet after a great cataclysm.

Tender 2017 – Music Video Directed by Danny Breennan – Choreographed by Caoimhe Wandel Brannigan for the musician Laura Sheeran  – Cinematography by Paul Shannahan

Arabella 2015 – Directed by Richard Scobie Written by Danny Brennan and Iarlaith Forkin
Cinematography by Jack Conro